For weeks on Big Brother 17, the HGs have speculated that someone is America’s Player, bringing back the twist from season 8. Audrey, Steve and even Jason have all been prime suspects. Obviously we know this is all nonsense because there is no America’s Player or Team America or Saboteur. But has that changed?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 17 spoilers.

At 3:35am early Friday morning, James was called into the diary room. There was a brief audio leak on the live feeds after he walked in, with James say “What? An America’s Player card?” A production member then said “Congratulations.”

Obviously we have no idea what this could mean, but it might make sense. Last week on the Big Brother 17 website, there was a poll asking fans who they would most like to make a Final 2 deal with. The website said the results would be revealed August 6, which clearly did not happen. It’s actually quite similar to how they worded the question to pick the first member of Team America last season.

Now there’s another poll asking which HG fans would most like to be stranded on a deserted island with, with the results coming August 13. My theory is that these polls are not just innocuous but could potentially have some impact on the game.

If James did receive a card in the diary room, it could mean anything. Maybe he got a special power. Maybe he’s now America’s Player or the Saboteur. Or maybe he’s the first member of a new Team America.

The possibilities are endless, but with the diary room leaked audio and these polls on the CBS website, something is definitely up and we may be getting a new twist after all.

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