The 11 HGs left on Big Brother 17 have reached the jury. But Julie Chen’s warning means that getting nominated and evicted this week may not be so bad because a juror will most likely get a chance to come back into the game. So who’s on the block this week?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 17 spoilers.

Becky won the HoH competition.

She nominated Shelli and Steve.

Basic Becky has come up with a rather ingenious master plan for this week and it involves backdooring Vanessa. The goal is for whoever wins the PoV to use it (probably on Shelli) and nominate Vanessa, with Meg, Jackie, James and Johnny Mac being the four guaranteed votes Becky needs to evict her (with only eight votes this week, Becky can break a tie).

Jackie, James and Meg were all in the HoH room coming up with this plan with Becky and they are sick and tired of Vanessa’s crazy antics, always flipping the house and making deals (Becky filled in Johnny Mac on everything and he called Vanessa “a really smart Audrey”). They’ve caught on to her game (except they think she’s alone) and now it’s time to turn on her.

Vanessa even tried to make a deal with Becky (because that’s her entire game), and Becky immediately shut it down, saying she doesn’t want to make deals or alliances, just short-term plans. This, of course, made Vanessa extra paranoid that she will be the backdoor target, so she, Austin and the twins want to win the Power of Veto and not use it.

However, the plan is to play nice with Vanessa up until the PoV ceremony (or at least until the PoV competition). Last week Vanessa held a meeting to discuss possible double eviction strategies with Austin, Liz, Julia, Becky, James, Meg and Jackie. Vanessa made everyone promise not to nominate each other, instead going after the remainder of Clelli, Steve and Johnny Mac.

The story Becky and her group are telling Austin, Vanessa and the twins is that Shelli is the target and, if she wins the PoV, Johnny Mac will be the replacement nominee. They simply want to make Vanessa, Austin and the twins believe they’re all sticking to the plan until the last minute, which is exactly what Vanessa did with Dark Moon.

Becky told Shelli the entire plan as well (even though Becky told James, Jackie and Meg she wouldn’t), pointing out all of the many, many reasons she doesn’t trust Vanessa. As of the nomination ceremony, Shelli has not told Vanessa about this.

The Have-Nots

Becky got to pick three Have-Nots and this week’s volunteers are James, Jackie and Meg. They get to eat hamburger buns in addition to Slop. Of the remaining HGs, Shelli, Vanessa, Becky and Johnny Mac are the only ones who haven’t been Have-Nots twice (though Becky will never have to do it as a reward from the HoH comp).


-This is Steve’s third nomination and Shelli’s second. Austin and Vanessa are still the only HGs who have never been nominated while Liz and Julia are the only other people who haven’t been nominated multiple times.

-Even though only four guys remain, this continues the trend of at least one man being nominated by every single HoH. All 12 HoHs have nominated at least one guy, and the only time two women have ever been on the block together is when Shelli put up Meg as a replacement nominee against Da’Vonne in week 2.

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