Carole invited the ladies to brunch downtown and thank god Ramona and LuAnn were out of town. After brunch, Carole wants to go to a bar at the top of a hotel. Aviva wants to invite Reid because she’s deathly afraid of heights. Carole still can’t believe they aren’t taking the subway, which Aviva ALSO has issues with. Is it still paranoia when you lost your leg in a confined space?

Then the ladies realize that half the table has slept with Harry, Aviva’s ex-husband. They raise a glass to Aviva’s discomfort.

LuAnn sits down with her daughter, Victoria to drop a bomb. She wants to have a baby. LuAnn wants to have Jacques’s baby. It’s a little insane, and Victoria advises making an appointment with a doctor. LuAnn isn’t quite sure this is what she wants, but hey why not? She likes kids! Victoria comes out as “not totally against it.”

Aviva’s driver takes the ladies to the hotel, and on their way Aviva tells them how neurotic she is. The charm still isn’t wearing off, though, and she makes it up to the top, where Reid joins them. Reid does not wear a wedding band because of Aviva’s reverse-psychology attraction to wedding band theories. The women awkwardly challenge her theory, then make Reid even less comfortable. What a time!

Aviva is a stay-at-home mom, and she changed her son’s name from Brandon to Hudson because she changed her mind. It is hard to force someone to commit to a name for life when you barely know them. She loves being a mom and staying at home, so the whole deal works well for her.

Cut to the offices of Ramona Singer, Inc. where the eyes are big and the projects are numerous. Sonja visits Ramona to get some advice on new business ventures, and no one knows taking on a random thing like Ramona. Sonja wants to start a company called “Sonja in the City” for which she would plan events. “I love parties so why not plan them?” she must have woken up and thought to herself one day. She didn’t bring anything to write with, or to take notes on. Sonja in the City! It’s too much, it’s too many businesses. It’s not working.

Sonja is just making the rounds, though, and the next stop for the Sonja Brand is Heather’s office. She wants to talk about her logo for Sonja Home? But the problem is that she doesn’t have a logo for Sonja in the City either. Heather gives good advice: keep the Sonj[girl] logo that you like, and add an apron to the home one. Heather offers to fix Sonja up with a graphic artist to get her branding started. Swinging her pocket book as she does!

Heather has an idea: let’s all go to London for a couple days! For funzies! She’s practically yelling into the phone as she calls Carole, who hesitates but agrees. This could be trouble down the road, this London trip.

Carole meets Ramona and Mario for lunch. Ramona wanted Mario and Carole to get along, and get along they do. Carole has a beer, flirts with Mario a little, and Ramona tries to act cool with it. Then they drank tiny milkshakes! Cheers to nothing at all happening in this episode.

Aviva was so influenced by her conversation with the other girls, in particular Sonja, that she is buying Reid a wedding ring. She brought Ramona who is “a jewelry expert.” Sure. She’s an expert at everything! While shopping, Aviva gets a call from Heather and Ramona gestures not to tell her that she’s there. Ramona looks creepily at Aviva while she’s on the phone, and starts blinking quicker as Heather invites Aviva to the London trip. Aviva says she’ll have to check with Reid, which Ramona finds “peculiar.”

“How could she get any work done? She talks too much!” Ramona says immediately after Aviva hangs up. Then the realize that Ramona and LuAnn are not invited, although Aviva is “sure” Ramona will be invited. It’s awkward. Ramona says Heather’s problem with her is that she’s really secure and Heather plays too many games or something. What a hot stinking mess.

This week’s party is a jewelry launch for Carole’s friend, Ranjana Khan. Ranjana is probably more of a jewelry expert than Ramona. Aviva shows up, and proceeds to worship everyone. Carole has determined that Ramona is crazy, but she enjoys crazy so she’s fine with it. LuAnn shows up and it’s awkward with Ramona, then Heather shows up and it’s awkward with Ramona. There’s some connecting variable there, I just can’t see what it is …

Aviva says Heather is upset with Ramona because she told her she talks too much and Ramona fires back that she just says what everyone is thinking. She’s probably a better friend than an enemy. LuAnn and Sonja compare notes about Harry, Aviva’s ex-husband, until they are interrupted by Ramona. That’s LuAnn’s cue to leave.

Ramona wanted to talk to Sonja about how awful Heather is. Mario tries to add to the conversation, but Ramona won’t let him get a word in edgewise. Just like that awful Heather! Ramona decides to butt in and test the waters again. She apologizes to Heather, which makes things better for now.

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