After stringing audiences along with weak plotlines, Keeping Up with the Kardashians finally gets interesting. Kris runs into a painful part of her past, Scott and Kim hang out an inappropriate amount and I’m hating myself for starting to like this show.

No One Puts Baby Daddy in a Corner

Poor Scott feels sad he hasn’t hit the clubs in a long time. Nevermind his pesky pregnant wife Kourtney or toddler Mason. Sometimes a man needs to go out to drink overpriced cocktails until he can’t feel his face, and by “sometimes” I mean “weekdays.” Kourtney proposes a rather elegant solution. Scott can go out only if he brings along Kim so he doesn’t go too crazy.

Two Dumb Ideas for the Price of One!

Meanwhile, Kris spots Todd Waterman, original Kardashian homewrecker two decades ago. Rather than running to the monogamous hills, she stops to say hello. Oh, and leave him an e-mail address. Oh, and hug him goodbye. I’m not saying she should have completely ignored the guy, but there’s definitely better ways to handle running into old adulterous flames.

Kourtney’s attempts at curtailing Scott’s social life backfire. He and Kim have great times drinking and ignoring Kourtney’s texts and phone calls. After he staggers home late one too many times, Kourtney tells the two that “the party’s over.” Seriously — she says “The party’s over” six times in 30 seconds.

Does Scott have a right to see friends? Of course, but he also needs to remember his other obligations. A pregnant wife means skipping bar crawls once in a while.

Damages, Past and Present

After staining an expensive rug, Kylie and Kendall scramble to hide the damage from their parents. After renting what looks like a cross between a nuclear reactor and a vacuum cleaner, they succeed in damaging it further. Expecting impending execution for destroying valuable possessions, the two contemplate mortality.

Kris asks her daughters and Bruce whether she should meet with Todd. For some reason, everyone thinks that’s an incredibly idiotic idea. Mostly because it is.

There Goes Her “Wife of the Year” Nomination

Apparently, she calculates whether this will be a good idea versus the odds she’s doing something incredibly stupid and … goes ahead anyway. Everyone knows something’s up when Kris puts on a sequin covered vest only appropriate for neo-burlesque performances and states she’s going out to “run errands.” Even Kendall and Kylie’s rug ruckus doesn’t slow her down. Kim and Rob attempt to follow her, but Kris loses them on the freeway. The screen fades to black, stating, “To be continued…”

Whatever. The preview for the next episode makes it fairly clear she’s going to meet with Todd. Maybe there’s a twist, though. Is Kris meeting again with her adultery associate? Could this tear the family apart? Comment and let us know!

Daniel Mikelonis
Contributing Writer

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Daniel Mikelonis

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