It’s the season 7 finale of The Real Housewives of New York City, and whether Bethenny likes it or not, it’s ending with Ramona’s New Beginnings party. It’s been a crazy season; let’s see if the ladies can end things on a high note in “New Beginnings, My Ass.”

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Moving In and Moving On

Ramona goes to visit Sonja at La Casa de Morgan. She congratulates her on her fashion show. Sonja says she is glad to have her support and glad to be making the ladies who doubted her eat crow.

Sonja says that people from the press have been calling her all day trying to get her to comment on Bethenny and Ramona’s fight. Ramona says that Bethenny did really lay into her, but she can’t change who she is. She says she’s been trying to be less abrasive, but all she can do is apologize if she does cross the line. She admits to Sonja that she did gossip about Bethenny’s first marriage to Heather, but she said she did it without malicious intent.

Meanwhile, Carole brings some sage to burn in Bethenny’s newly renovated apartment. And, of course it’s just beautiful. She complains that her closet isn’t as big as her closet in her old place, but it’s still bigger than most New York apartments, so I think she’ll get by.

Carole tells Bethenny that she’s still a little irritated with LuAnn for lecturing her about dating a younger man while she constantly sleeps with younger men. Carole thinks it’s especially harsh considering she’s in a serious and committed relationship with Adam while LuAnn constantly just sleeps around. She just thinks she needs to stop being The Countess and get off her high horse.

Bethenny tells Carole that despite the row she had with Ramona at the fashion show, she can’t stay mad at her. She says it’s like how she can’t be mad at a 4-year-old when they do something wrong because they don’t really know what they’re doing. That said, she doesn’t want to go to a New Beginnings party because she can’t stand Ramona’s hypocrisy.

Dorinda and John go to lunch, and it’s once again obvious that Dorinda is way too good for John. In the middle of professing his love for her, she continues to eat her pizza, all the while complaining in her confessional about how needy John is. When he suggests he might have a ring in his pocket, Dorinda tells him to keep it in his pocket. She says that this point in her life, she’s financially stable, she’s emotionally stable and she’s not necessarily looking for a husband. If things happen with John, they’ll happen organically or they won’t happen at all.

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New Beginnings

It’s Ramona’s New Beginnings party and I have to say that Ramona looks just stunning in her long and sparkly black dress.

Sonja arrives already in a tizzy because of something Sonja said about her illusive toaster oven in the press. She wonders why Kristen couldn’t have said anything nice about her fashion line instead.

Bethenny doesn’t want to cause a scene and her plan is to just avoid Ramona for a bit. But Ramona pounces on her before she even has her coat off. She tries to apologize, but Bethenny says she’s sick of her apologies because just saying “sorry” doesn’t make all the crappy things Ramona did disappear. Ramona admits to her crassness but says she’s not a mean person. The two bicker for a while and it goes nowhere.

After a pause in the fight, the two come back to one another once again and Bethenny will absolutely not let up, calling Ramona out left and right. Ramona says that what she said to Heather was wrong and she shouldn’t have said it, and she is genuinely sorry for doing something to hurt her friend. She finally tells Bethenny that she’s right about everything and the two hug it out. She’s very self-righteous in her confessional, saying that the old Ramona would never apologize, but the new Ramona is all about admitting when she’s wrong.

Sonja is venting to LuAnn and Bethenny about Kristen’s toaster oven comment in the press. She says it was definitely a dig and Kristen’s nothing but a washed-up model whose job is taking selfies. Now, that’s a dig.

LuAnn reports back to Kristen and the other ladies that Sonja’s mad, so Kristen goes to confront Sonja about it. At this point, Sonja’s already had a few (shocking, I know), so she’s slurring at Kristen that she’s done with their friendship but refuses to tell her why. Finally, Kristen gets it out of her, and her defense is that the reporter asked her about the toaster oven specifically. We even have the film clip to provide context for a change, and I have to side with Kristen on this one! The comment was indeed a response to a question and it was made with the intention of supporting Sonja.

But Sonja will not hear reason. She says Kristen should have commented on her international lifestyle brand and not the toaster oven. It looks like Kristen is fighting an uphill battle with this one.

Carole and LuAnn have a tense conversation. LuAnn’s still mad at Carole for bursting in on her on vacation and that she lied about it to Heather. LuAnn says she could have been with a man in bed and how would that have looked to her son? Carole can’t understand why she’s responsible for LuAnn’s image toward her son more than his own mother.

Carole also tells LuAnn how she has a problem with LuAnn talking trash about her and Adam when she herself is constantly with young men. LuAnn says that it’s true, but she doesn’t introduce them to her kids. Carole says that she’s not introducing Adam to the kids, and LuAnn shoots back with an evil laugh, saying, “That’s because you don’t have kids.” Wow, LuAnn. That’s way harsh, especially toward Carole, who you claim is a dear friend.

Bethenny and Ramona are talking about how they constantly have their guards up around new people when Heather butts her way into the conversation, telling them they shouldn’t be so afraid of everyone. Heather tells Bethenny that she chooses to be a bitch, but she can choose to be something else. Besides the fact that this is a really rude comment, Bethenny is put-off by her approach. She makes a joke of it, though, saying that Heather is really good at giving drive-by therapy.

At the end of the night, Ramona makes a toast to all of her friends. Even though Sonja is still mad at Kristen, Carole is still mad at LuAnn, and Ramona and Bethenny are still at odds, they all come together for enough time to smile and cheers to Ramona’s (alleged) new beginning.

Are you ready for a three-part reunion? Whether you are or not, it starts on August 18!

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