Expect drama to heat up on Bachelor in Paradise as love triangles turn into love squares. Plus, one bachelorette gives a strange lecture to the cast!

Warning: This article contains spoilers on Monday’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise.

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Jared-Ashely I-Clare-Mikey 

Last episode, Jared got a date card and when he decided to invite Clare instead of Ashley I., all hell broke loose. Monday’s episode puts the spot light on Mikey and Ashley I., who are both still devastated and heartbroken over possibly losing their love interests. Despite the drama, Jared and Clare head to a small island  where they go bungee jumping and get pretty intimate.  Ashley’s fear that Jared may be falling for another woman may be coming true but it doesn’t look like she’s about to back down from the competition to Jared’s heart— and neither is Clare!

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Tenley-JJ-Joshua- Michael G.

After seemingly making a connection with JJ, Tenley went on a date with Joshua and the two hit it off. However, more complications are in store for this love triangle with the arrival of Michael G., who is on a mission to win the heart of Tenley. Still torn between her two existing suitors, Tenley goes on a date with Michael G. at the Vidanta Resort where they enjoy a romantic dinner atop a shimmering pool of water and get serenaded by a large group of musicians.

Meanwhile, it’s not all about love triangles and love squares tonight on Bachelor in Paradise. Jonathan and Mikey go on a mission to convince Juelia that Joe isn’t really into her while Clare gives the cast a weird lecture that leads into a tantrum.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Sundays and Mondays at 8pm on ABC.

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