This is going to be tough, So You Think You Can Dance fans. Last time, we said goodbye to jazz dancer Marissa Milele and breaker Asaf Goren. This time, we will lose four competitors, and the elite Top 10 dancers will be revealed. 

Will your favorite dancer stay in the competition or be sent home? Who will defy expectations with their performance?

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Grab a box of tissues, dance fans. This is the So You Think You Can Dance live blog!

We kick off with a group routine with the dancers dressed like they are funky members of the French court circa Marie Antoinette. The routine, choreographed by Brian Friedman, is interesting but a bit distracting. 


Our fashionable hostess, Cat Deeley, looks smashing once again as she reveals that Team Street won last time. It is the first time Team Street has won. Now let’s say howdy to our judges: Paula Abdul, Jason Derulo and Nigel Lythgoe. Cat also shares that the judges can no longer save anyone. 

An Injured Dancer

Jim Nowakowski was injured this week but was cleared to perform in his duet.

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Remember to take to Twitter when Cat says it is time to save your favorite dancer if they are in the bottom six.  Use #Save(dancer’s first name). The dancer from each team with the most votes will automatically be saved. 

Jim and Yorelis

Jazz choreographed by Sonya Tayeh

We also learn a bit more about the dancers when they interview each other for 20 seconds. Yorelis would choose invisibility as her super power. Jim likes pepperoni pizza and the color turquoise.

This piece is about a relationship based on power plays. It is dark and brooding, just as a Sonya Tayeh routine should be. It features lots of lifts and really showcases both Yorelis and Jim and all of their talents. The duo also gets a standing ovation from the judges. Nigel praises Yorelis and her performance, and Nigel tells Jim that he is the best technical dancer in the competition. Paula calls the pair “brilliant.”


Jim is safe. Yorelis is in danger.

JaJa and Edson

Hip-hop choreographed by Misha Gabriel

JaJa prefers cookies over cardio. (I mean, who doesn’t?) Edson would bring a toothbrush and cologne if he was stranded on an island alone.

This routine is about two edgy models and is supposed to be fresh and fun. I don’t love the routine, and I feel like there is a lack of connection. Paula points out that both dancers did a great job with their attention to detail. Jason feels that the performance was “basic” and he isn’t impressed with JaJa’s dancing. 


Edson and JaJa are both safe. 

Virgil and Hailee

Contemporary choreographed by Tyce Diorio

Virgil’s most embarrassing moment was falling onstage. Hailee has never had a guy propose to her.

Hailee plays an obsessive girlfriend in this piece, and she also has a real-life “dance crush” on Virgil. This dark and disturbing piece is haunting, and I think that both Hailee and Virgil kill it. Nigel feels that Virgil needs to improve his technique. Paula states that Virgil is improving every week and Hailee does a wonderful job. 


Virgil and Hailee are both safe.

Ariana and Alexia

Burlesque jazz choreographed by Tracy Phillips and Dominic Carbone

Ariana would love to visit Puerto Rico. Alexia prefers Utah to California.

This piece is all about sexy fish. (Yes, really!) I find this piece really odd because of the movements. I know it is supposed to be sexy, but it seems to be the opposite. Nigel says that the routine “missed the mark” for him, even though this is a new style for So You Think You Can Dance. He tells Ariana that her performance is like “a dead fish on a slab.” Ouch! Paula tells the duo that she wishes they had combined sexiness with being campy. 


Ariana and Alexia are both in danger. 

Megz and Derek

Hip-hop choreographed by Dave Scott

If Megz couldn’t be a dancer, she would pursue drawing. Derek loves bacon cheeseburgers.

This piece is about a jazz performer in a club. Megz seems a bit uncomfortable with being sexy, but she makes the routine for me. Paula isn’t in love with the number, and she feels that Derek is awkward and Megz needs to watch her facial expressions. Jason thinks that Megz did okay, but Derek has no swag.


Derek is in danger because he was injured and didn’t dance last time. Megz is safe.

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Gaby and Neptune

Contemporary choreographed by Stacey Tookey

Neptune prefers ninjas to demons. Gaby likes Scooby Doo.

This routine is about prejudice in today’s society. This piece takes my breath away with its beauty and emotion. Neptune and Gaby earn a standing ovation from the judges. Nigel praises Gaby’s versatility and tells her that she is his favorite dancer on Team Stage. He also compliments Neptune on his performance. Paula calls the routine “stunning.”


Gaby is safe. Neptune is in danger.

Kate and JJ

Jazz choreographed by Brian Friedman

Kate reveals that she wouldn’t marry Jason Derulo if he proposed. If JJ could be any animal, she would be a cheetah.

This piece is about pin-up girls, and it is cute. I feel like JJ really shines in this routine. Nigel thinks that the routine brought out the duo’s personalities. Jason states that it was a good performance, but their facial expressions made it seem “adolescent.”


JJ is safe. Kate is in danger.

The Bottom Six







Team Stage Group Routine

Contemporary choreographed by Sonya Tayeh

This piece is about the moment when you hear tragic news, and it is moving and expresses the feeling of grief perfectly. Since Jim was unable to participate in the group rehearsals, All-Star Robert fills in. 

Team Street Group Routine

Hip-hop choreographed by Christopher “Pharside” Jennings and Krystal “Phoenix” Meraz

This number is about a creepy carnival, and it is crazy and fun. 

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Going Home





I must say I am surprised that Derek was saved over Alexia. And I thought that Yorelis might be going home, even though she was one of my favorites. 

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