While the first part of the reunion only scratched the surface of Aviva Drescher’s crazy, we got quite a healthy dose of Sonja Morgan’s Delusion. This week, let’s take a look at some of the craziest moments of part two.

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1. It Takes a Village

Things start off with even more Sonja crazy, talking about her team of 35 people, including psychics, pet doctors and, of course, Pickles. Andy tries to ask what is the exact situation with her interns, and Sonja claims that they get college credit for “working” for her, but then she backtracks and says they’re more like volunteers, not interns. Who even knows what goes on in the Mansion de Morgan?

2. Bookgate Returns

Unfortunately, the same old Bookgate arguments get re-hashed, and neither Carole nor Aviva’s point of view has budged (but seriously, is anyone Team Aviva?). Aviva tries to say that everyone uses a ghostwriter, and at the end of the day, Carole is not that important of a writer to even care what people say about her. She also says asking a writer (like her) about if she used a ghostwriter or not is like asking someone if they’ve had their boobs done: if you don’t want someone to ask you about your boob job, don’t ask them first.

Carole claims the whole thing is just weird, a word that Aviva opposes because of Carole’s overuse of it. In the end, Carole says that not all Real Housewives fights are created equal. Aviva didn’t call her bossy or sleep with her ex-boyfriend, she slandered her career. Even after that, Aviva refuses to apologize.

3. The Berkshires vs. the Hamptons

Heather is unfazed by Ramona’s insulting comments about her Berkshires home. Ramona says Heather has a lovely home, but she stands by the comment that the Berkshires are for people who can’t afford to live in the Hamptons. According to Ramona, Palm Beach, Aspen, the Hamptons and New York City are the only places that classy, rich people like her live. Logic by Ramona.

She also sticks to her story that she was traumatized by the Berkshires, and her escape route wasn’t plotted out ahead of time. Even though Carole points out that Ramona’s past was three states away in Massachusetts and 50 years ago.

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4. Montana Drama

Just because Aviva and Sonja are the resident crazies doesn’t mean that Kristen can’t have a moment or two of her own. She admits that she repelled down the mountain because she felt like she had something to prove to Heather. Now that I think about it, this is probably less “Kristen’s crazy” and more “Sometimes girls are irrationally competitive with their friends” crazy.

5. Homeless Tweeters

LuAnn admits that her friendship with Sonja is fractured and she no longer trusts her. She points to the fact that all of the other ladies were supportive of her new clothing line and tweeted about it, except Sonja. Why didn’t Sonja tweet? Because a homeless girl in Ireland was waiting for her to approve her fashion blog, of course! What planet does Sonja even live on?

6. Ramona Shuts It Down

Sonja is delusional. Aviva is weird. And Ramona is in denial. Besides saying that she and her husband of 21 years, Mario, are still together, she refuses to admit that there’s anything to talk about. Andy tries to press the issue, but she isn’t moving an inch. She even refuses to admit if her friends were there for her in her time of pain because she says she feels no pain. The other ladies try and give her an out, saying that there are troubles in every marriage, but Ramona refuses to acknowledge anything. I did/do feel bad for Ramona that she has a cheating husband, but she’s not fooling anyone with this act. It’s just infuriating.

LuAnn takes the opportunity later to point out that Ramona has said plenty of hurtful things while on the show about LuAnn’s marriage all the while bragging about how perfect her marriage to Mario was. “Karma is a bitch,” she says.

7. Can’t Live with ‘Em…

Most of the ladies have had moments of insanity when dealing with their husbands/boyfriends this season. None more so than Kristen, whose marital problems were completely on display. But she claims that the show held a mirror up to their marriage, especially for Josh, and it’s helped them a lot. They really went through it, but she says that Josh really didn’t like a lot of the things he saw about himself and he’s working on changing them.

Sonja’s relationship with Harry has really created more of a rift in her friendship with LuAnn than anything else. She’s still mad he left with her after Carole’s party, even though everyone left together to go dancing. LuAnn says Sonja should have directed her anger at Harry for leaving her at the party and not at her.

Phew! We made it through part two. Only one more to go!

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