CBS has tweaked its summer finale schedule a bit and the result will make this the longest season of Big Brother ever in the U.S. The network is moving the finale of the Halle Berry drama Extant up a week to September 17. It was originally planned to end the following week with a two-hour finale after the premiere of Survivor, but now Survivor will get an expanded 90-minute premiere on September 24 at 8pm, followed by the 90-minute finale of Big Brother 16 at 9:30pm

It’s unclear how Extant will be able to finish its run on Wednesday, September 17, since there will still be two extra hours left over.

But this means that Big Brother 16, which was originally slated to end on September 17, is getting an extra week, making it 97 days long. Last season ran for 90 days, which was the longest yet, so this year’s final HGs will be stuck in the house even longer.

Big Brother 16 has a double eviction planned for this Thursday, after which there will be nine HGs remaining. The extra week could mean several things. First, there could be no more double evictions and, after this week, one HG will be evicted every Thursday, with the Final 3 being revealed on Thursday, September 18.

The other possibility is that, like last season, one of the evicted HGs (most likely the first four people in the jury) will get the opportunity to come back into the game, either by a competition or by a public vote. This has been done several times in the past, most recently last year with Judd’s return. If they do that, then they will be able to do a second live double eviction episode, which has been done for the past two seasons.

Whatever happens, the last three HGs will have spent 97 straight days locked in the Big Brother 16 house, the most of any U.S. contestant. But what would you rather see, an evicted HG return and a second double eviction episode, or no more double evictions after this week and just a regular season of evicting one person per week?

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