Like last season, the Power of Veto has been used in each of the first five weeks on Big Brother 16. With Zach and Jocasta on the block, and Nicole eager to backdoor Frankie, was it used again?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 16 spoilers.

Christine won the Power of Veto.

She did not use it.

The streak is over, there is no replacement nomination and now it’s a battle between Zach and Jocasta. And what I thought would be a simple case of the Detonators and Caleb keeping Zach has turned into the exact opposite.

The winds of change are in the air, and as of Sunday night, it seems that Zach is the target. Christine appears to have helped quite a bit in that, with Derrick and Cody possibly jumping on board. Those three, plus Donny, Hayden and Victoria, could make it a 6-2 vote, though even Frankie and Caleb may flip once they learn that Zach is going.

It all comes from six HGs: Hayden, Nicole, Christine, Frankie, Derrick and Cody. The others don’t seem that relevant to the vote this week, but those six have been talking nonstop, going back and forth with lies, truths, misinformation, side deals and all sorts of other insanity. I’ll do my best to sum up where I THINK they stand.

Derrick and Cody: They have the Detonators and a Final 3 deal with Zach (Los Tres Amigos), as well as their new alliance, the Rationale, with Hayden and Nicole. Derrick is also in Team America with Donny, has a Final 2 deal with Victoria and constantly prays with Jocasta, meaning he essentially has an alliance with everyone. But on Sunday, Cody and Derrick seemed committed to evicting Zach for his wild antics and inability to keep his mouth shut when it comes to information.

However, they also have concerns about the Rationale, thinking that Nicole and Hayden are playing them and are secretly working with Donny and Jocasta. But they’re also suspicious of Christine and Frankie, thinking that they are working together, possibly with Hayden and Nicole, against them. It’s all paranoia, all the time. They’ve changed their minds about a dozen times over the weekend, so they may switch yet again.

Hayden and Nicole: I genuinely believe they trust Derrick and Cody, telling them everything that they hear from Christine and Frankie. Haycole doesn’t trust Christine or Frankie at all. Nicole still wants Zach gone, with Hayden backing her up. They are also working with Donny, but nothing formal and nothing as treacherous as Derrick suspects. Though Christine is helping them get rid of Zach, they don’t trust her at all and have repeatedly told Derrick and Cody not to trust her either.

Frankie: I believe he wants to save Zach, but isn’t willing to stick his neck out to do it. He wants to keep a target off his back (which isn’t working because Nicole and Hayden are eager to backdoor him as soon as possible). He’s all over the place, but will probably take the path of least resistance, even if that means the end of Zankie.

Christine: She is another wild card. She originally told the Detonators she wanted to keep Zach, but told Nicole she wanted to vote him out. She has been throwing Zach under the bus, especially to Derrick and Cody, trying to get them to turn. I’m unclear on her motivation, but there are several possible reasons. Maybe it’s because he nominated her and tried to make Nicole not trust her (which worked, though Christine seems unaware of that). Maybe it’s so Zankie will end and Christine can get closer to Frankie in the game. Or maybe it’s because she’s finally realizing that they need to get rid of some guys.

Christine also told Nicole that Hayden kissed Victoria, possibly trying to break up Haycole, but it backfired and made Nicole completely lose trust in her. Christine is the queen of telling different things to different people, making it impossible to figure out her true loyalty, if she even has one.

So who will be evicted? For now, I think Zach is doomed, unless the Detonators somehow come back together. Derrick has expressed plenty of doubts about the new Rationale alliance with Hayden, Nicole and Cody, so it may depend on whatever he decides.

There’s a lot of game left to play this week and a lot of decisions have to be made. Things could explode as the Detonators must choose to stick together or blow apart. And that’s assuming the producers don’t throw another Team America mission at Frankie, Derrick and Donny on Wednesday night that could affect the vote.

If Zach does go, Hayden is already plotting to nominate Jocasta and Victoria (again) in a double eviction, with the goal of backdooring Frankie. So it’s entirely possible that both halves of Zankie will be speaking to Julie Chen this Thursday. That is probably a smart move for people in the house, but could lead to a dull season without the two biggest stars of the show.

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