The Real Housewives of New York City (minus Bethenny) are still living it up in the Caribbean. They all just survived the attack of the completely wasted Dorinda, but who knows what drama will come up on the rest of this trip? Something tells me it’s not going to be all smooth sailing. Let’s get to it in this episode, “Don’t Be All, Like, Uncool.”

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Whose Naked Man is This?

Heather and Dorinda are still arguing at the restaurant and it’s led Dorinda to tears, although I’m not sure why she’s so upset. The only reason I can think of is that she’s had a few too many dirty martinis, but other than that the origin of this argument is a complete mystery.

Heather manages to finally talk Dorinda down, but not without getting into it with Ramona too. Ramona tries to get in the middle of things and Heather shuts it down, yelling at her to butt out. Ramona says that Heather scares her when she’s like this. Maybe she should just learn to mind her own business.

After all of that drama, Dorinda wants to go out dancing. But Heather has had quite enough for one night, so she and Carole go back to the villa.

The next morning, they wake up and Heather sees a naked man sleeping in Bethenny’s (now empty) room. She and Carole are very upset that they were sleeping virtually next to a stranger all night who could have gone through their things. Carole says it’s one thing for a man to come over and stay with one of the ladies, but it’s another that he just has free rein of the house.

Carole and Heather are really upset and they’re storming through the house for answers. They interrogate Dorinda, who says she just got home and went to bed and didn’t know there was a man there. When they wake up Ramona and Sonja to find out what happened, Ramona tells them to talk to LuAnn. So they rage into LuAnn’s room who claims it was Ramona’s man.

Carole and Heather continue to fume when The Countess comes back out of her room to discuss this in further detail. She tells the ladies to “be cool; don’t be all uncool.” Heather says they have a right to be upset about a stranger being in their room. LuAnn says that they’re all grown women and they just need to let it go.

Once they get over some of the emotions, they figure out that it was Ramona’s man upstairs in bed. Apparently, she brought him home, went upstairs with him, then left him there to go to sleep downstairs with Sonja. And the house manager has a scoop too. He says the drivers tried to keep the men out, but the ladies insisted they come in with them. Not only that, but LuAnn’s friend was married. Really classy, Countess. Sonja admits in her confessional that Ramona left her man upstairs because she’s still green to the game, but LuAnn’s an old pro.

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Back to the Big Apple

Carole meets Bethenny for lunch to catch her up on everything she missed on the last day of their trip. Bethenny is glad to hear that Ramona brought home a guy, but she agrees that she should not have left him alone. Not only that, but she should have copped to her indiscretion instead of trying to pin it on LuAnn.

She also tells Bethenny about what she’s calling the “Eff You” dinner. Bethenny isn’t surprised that Dorinda snapped because she can see that Dorinda’s the kind of person who observes things quietly for most of the time, but she definitely responds to personal attacks, real or imagined. Dorinda joins them later and admits she had too much to drink (and missed her nap that day). She also says that exhaustion and all of that time in close quarters with the ladies played a part in it too.

Bethenny also tells them that she’s annoyed with Kristen for talking bad about her in the press. Apparently, Kristen was quoted saying that “you can’t judge a book by its cover” and Bethenny was making it hard on the other cast members to get to know her. Bethenny thought they were on good terms at the end of the vacation, but she’s not pleased about the quotes. On top of that, she’s already agreed to go to her Denim and Diamonds charity event, so now she’ll have to grin and bear it.

Heather and Kristen meet a trainer to work out after the vacation. Carole goes to meet them as well and tells them about her lunch with Dorinda and Bethenny. Heather is convinced that Dorinda doesn’t have a lot of balance in her life and it’s causing her to lash out and maybe drink too much. Is it me or is Heather being the drinking police this season? What a judgmental thing of her to say.

Carole also tells Kristen that Bethenny’s mad about the article. Kristen maintains that she didn’t say anything wrong, but she’s not surprised that she was offended.

Bedazzle Your Problems

Kristen’s having a Denim and Diamonds party where the ladies are bedazzling jeans for charity. Heather’s donated the jeans and they’re going to auction them off, with the proceeds going to Smile Train, a charity Kristen works with to help kids with cleft palates get corrective surgery. She’s hosting it at her friend Manny’s apartment for the evening, even if there’s still unresolved issues leftover from the vacation. 

Bethenny is the first to sour sitting next to Kristen. She says it’s hard for her to pretend like nothing’s wrong when she’s feeling very tense. She tells Kristen not to talk about her in the press. Kristen insists that she didn’t say anything negative, but she apologizes because she says she did feel bad that Bethenny’s feelings were hurt. The two are able to bury the hatchet (yet again) and agree to move forward with their friendship.

Next, LuAnn pulls Heather aside. She’s not happy about the way she and Carole burst into her room, and she thinks that Heather was trying to “catch her in the act” with the cameras. Heather says she had no right to feel violated after she was the one who let the naked man in (which I thought we already established was in fact Ramona, not LuAnn, but okay).

LuAnn says that Carole even apologized after, saying that Heather was on a rampage. They call Carole over and she denies saying that. Then they call Dorinda over to confirm how aggressive they were acting. Then they try to talk to Ramona, who finally just owns her behavior and apologizes. She says that Heather was right and she should have been more responsible, but now she’s sorry.

Heather does this thing where she continues to yell at LuAnn but insists that she’s not mad anymore. She tells LuAnn to own her issues too. Dorinda gets irritated watching Heather once again. In her confessional, she says that Heather is self-righteous and cold and often goes from teaching to preaching. She tries to voice her opinion, but Heather shuts her down and tells her to butt out.

Dorinda is done dealing with Heather, for tonight at least. She feels herself getting upset, so she excuses herself from the party. What a mess.

Next time, Carole takes a more somber trip across the pond to relocate her husband’s ashes. That will certainly put things into perspective … at least for some of the ladies.

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