After Ramona threw a glass at Kristen’s face and drew blood, it didn’t seem like Kristen and Ramona would ever come to a healthy place in their relationship. But last week on The Real Housewives of New York City, Ramona gave her what seemed like a sincere enough apology along with a bouquet of yellow roses, so I guess they’re on the right track now?

Letting Go

At the start of this week’s episode, Kristen tells Heather and LuAnn while they’re shopping for swimsuits that she still thinks Ramona is insane. LuAnn thinks that even Ramona was shocked by Ramona’s behavior in the Berkshires because she usually doesn’t resort to physical violence. Kristen also tells them that Ramona insisted that she didn’t need therapy or anger management, which surprises them both because she assured them she would get help after their Ramona Intervention last week.

While they’re shopping, LuAnn gets a phone call from Sonja telling her that she’s having her dog Milou’s funeral. He’s been dead for a year now and she’s finally ready to let go. She invites them to the service, even though she doesn’t know when or where it’s going to be yet.

After some jerk told her she was too old to keep working in the modeling industry, Kristen has to broaden her horizons as far as her career is concerned. She’s not quite ready to transition into full-time stay-at-home mom, so she goes in for an audition with J-Core for a workout video. Her audition, unsurprisingly enough, includes working out which she admittedly struggles with. Despite her model physique, she’s not as in shape as she thought she was.

Ramona lets Carole use her office to interview candidates for a position as her new assistant. Ramona tries to give her some advice, but Carole has different priorities. She says personality is the most important thing to take into consideration when hiring assistant. She asks the hopefuls some unique questions including how do you feel about wire hangers? Do you know how to operate a fog machine? Do you own a gun? What’s your favorite flower? Ramona can’t believe Carole’s questions are going to find her anyone qualified to be her assistant.

Sonja meets with her healer. She bangs a drum over her body and then rings some bells. She puts her hands on Sonja’s chest and asks her about her troubles. Sonja admits to feeling resentful that people (Ramona) are taking advantage of and manipulating her. Aleta tells Sonja she can’t heal Ramona’s inner child at the expense of hers. Whatever that means.

Sonja also talks to Aleta about Milou’s upcoming funeral while she flashes lights over her body. She says it’s hard because Milou connected her to her ex-husband and reminded her of her younger self.

Dinner with George

Aviva has Sonja and Harry over for a dinner party. Sonja is not too pleased when she hears that George, Aviva’s father, and his new girlfriend will be joining them for dinner as well. She wonders if it’s a girlfriend or, knowing George, a floozy?

Everyone is shocked when a stunning, young black woman walks in. Sonja gives Cody a hard time for only being 25 and wasting her time with George, who is like three times her age. They met when he came into her salon “to get his scrotum waxed.” (I can’t believe I just typed that out — gross.) Everyone at the dinner table can’t stop groaning at his penis talk. Then he starts talking about having mirrors on his bedroom ceiling and the groaning gets even loader.

After dinner, everyone is sitting and chatting when George brings in a gift for Cody. He tells her it’s her engagement ring. Everyone is shocked and Aviva demands to know if she’ll say yes. She does, and she and George kiss. Sonja is not impressed with his proposal. She thinks it was lazy and not romantic. Aviva thinks she’s happy for her father? But she’s still not convinced that this is for real. Nor is she thrilled with having a 25 year-old step-mother.

Kristen got the job for J-Core and they’re filming an exercise video in her apartment. Josh is there and he’s being unbearable as usual. He asks the trainer how long it would take him to burn off Kristen’s non-existent “pooch” and keeps chiming in with negative comments about how she’s bad at exercising and she’s going to quit soon. Kristen asks him multiple times to leave because she’s trying to work and he says he’d prefer to be there “overseeing things.” Wow, I’m not sure Josh could be more of a jerk if he tried.

Goodbye, Milou

Sonja meets with Aviva and Ramona for dinner. Sonja isn’t afraid to call Ramona out, telling Aviva that she was “a nightmare” in the Berkshires. She calls Ramona a “BSer” for leaving early and not telling her about her party in the Hamptons. She’s also still smarting that she caused her relationship with young, hot Ben to end by talking to his mother. Ramona apologizes and says that she only ever had Sonja’s best interest in mind. When Sonja is hesitant to buy it, she pinky promises to stay out of her love life from now on. But she does manage to help her get her flirt on with the owner of the restaurant they’re at. So that’s nice, I guess.

The next day, Sonja enlists her interns to help her write her eulogy for Milou. She is looking forward to the ceremony and being able to finally move on.

At the site of the memorial, across from her old 72nd Street apartment, all of her friends arrive. Harry is impressed by Carole and Kristen’s funeral attire, and you can tell because he looks like a cartoon dog whose jaw has dropped to the ground. To be fair, they look ridiculously fabulous. But that would seem appropriate given the ridiculousness of the event.

Sonja shows them all the photo of Milou with a tennis ball. She says even though he was “very gay,” she picked the macho photo of him. Sonja makes a heartfelt speech about Milou choosing her and being the best thing that happened to her until she had her daughter. Heather says in her confessional that this service isn’t about Milou at all, but about Sonja’s craziness growth.

Sonja’s priest says a prayer and Sonja walks down to the waterfront to release the ashes. Except most of the ashes blow back at her and onto the pavement. Somehow, it seems appropriate. 


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