Another service, another Hell’s Kitchen starts. You have to wonder if the Blue Team understands the concept of “team work” this year. The Red Team seems to be holding it together better this time but cracks are developing. So far, both teams have shown a total lack of respect and contempt at times for each other. If it wasn’t so sad, I’d laugh.

Ralph’s Gone But Still No Love

While Scott was shocked at the exit, the others see Gabriel as proving that he’s not a team player. Gabriel meanwhile is talking to Richard who tells him you have to play for yourself. Richard, this is a team competition. As Ramsay would say, “Bugger off.”

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The Competition

The teams take on pork. Ramsay brings out fake pigs, Wilbur and Curly. Each team must identify eight parts of the pig. The team who completes this part first receives an advantage in part two. While the Red Team has a slight lead early, the Blue Team catches up and on the second try wins. Their advantage is to choose the part of the pig they want to cook and the person they will go against. The guys think “revenge” but I’m thinking chaos.

Anton chooses the shoulder and goes against Melanie. Melanie’s dish looks good while Anton’s looks like dog food. Of course, the Red Team wins. Richard chooses tenderloin and goes against Rochelle. Rochelle wins for the Red Team and it’s two to nothing. Gabriel goes up against Joy with spare ribs and wins the point. It’s two to one. Jason is against Sandra with the pork belly and gets another point for the guys. The final combination, Kashia and Scott, are up. The Blue Team gets the final point and winds the challenge. They will be doing indoor skydiving. The ladies will have to make peanut butter. Did I mention from scratch? That’s right! They have to shell, crack, and grind the nuts. Of course, this will drive them all nuts.

The men find JP in the machine and flying high on arrival. The rest suit up and have a ball with their adventure. The ladies meanwhile complain about hurting fingers and learn that being a chef is hard from sous chefs Andi and James. Chef James tells them it’s a career filled with long hours and hard days. On their return, the men find new blenders upstairs.

Service Up!

Service that night will be intense. JP opens the doors and the beautiful people arrive. Ramsay feels that these are the ten best chefs. Well, I don’t agree with you Ramsay. The Blue Team does get off to a good start with the appetizers. There is a problem though when Scott decides to help Anton. Unfortunately for Anton, Scott doesn’t understand “get lost.”

The Red Team, however, aren’t having luck with their appetizers as Sandra is having trouble with fish. That’s not the only trouble though because Sandra refuses help. I knew these women would fight and Sandra immediately proves me right. The ladies also have forgotten that it takes fire to cook. They’re trying to prepare food on a cold stove. I guess they don’t understand that heat needs gas to make flame to cook food.

On entrees, Scott has come back AGAIN to help Anton. Unfortunately, Scott can’t cook fish and sends up undercooked halibut for which Anton gets blamed. Anton tries to throw Scott under the bus but Ramsay decides that the men need a time out and sends them to the closet. Scott and Anton are both acting like babies.

The Red Team meanwhile isn’t cooking together as a team. Sandra has lost the ability to communicate. You know the chaos I expected earlier? It’s happening to the women now who should get a time out.

As service continues, the men can’t seem to get the fish right. The Red Team is taking too long for overcooked salmon. With the blame game going strong in the Blue Kitchen, Ramsay steps in to give Anton a cooking lesson. Unfortunately Anton falls and blames Scott. The guests meanwhile are having a wonderful time with wine and bread. They do finally get their meals. 

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The Aftermath

With neither team winning, Ramsay sends them upstairs to come up with two nominees each. The Blue Team’s egos and Scott throw Anton under the bus. The Red Team wants Sandra up because of her lack of communication.

Ramsay wants the nominees. Jason tells him Anton (for fish) and Scott (for communication). Joy gives him Sandra (communication) and Rochelle (passion). All are called forward and must plead their case. It’s the usual. Ramsay asks Anton what happened and Anton again throws Scott under the bus. Ramsay tells Anton and Sandra to take their jackets off. Wait, he tells all to take off their jackets. Anton and Scott will go to the Red Team. Rochelle and Sandra are on the Blue Team. Did I say chaos? It’s now heading to war.

Next week I fear for the restaurant. The new teams do not bond and special guests show up for dinner. Tempers flair in the Red Kitchen between the ladies and Anton seems to be missed by the Blue Squad.

Catch an all new Hell’s Kitchen next Thursday at 8pm on Fox.

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