After a dramatic getaway to Turks and Caicos, the ladies of The Real Housewives of New York City have had some time to debrief before splintering back into separate groups. In this episode, “London Calling,” Dorinda and Carole are taking a trip to London to move Carole’s husband’s ashes, while the rest of the ladies continue to play in the city.

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London Calling

Dorinda and Carole are in London, and even though they’re not exactly there for happy reasons, they both appreciate being in such a beautiful city. And they’re staying at The Royal, which is so gorgeous and lives up spectacularly to its name. Dorinda’s feeling nostalgic, emotional and a bit sad, but also ready to make a breakthrough and continue to move on with her life.

Carole heads to the church on her own to pick up Anthony’s ashes. She meets Father Darius, who explains how they’ve kept the ashes all this time but now they’re building condos where the church is so they had to contact her about them. At first, she thought it was a joke, and one that her late husband most certainly would have appreciated, but now she’s dealing with the emotional gravity of the situation.

She talks about Anthony and how he was diagnosed with cancer when they were married, but he thought he’d outlive it. When they were married, she says they were young and in love and thought things would work out. She says Anthony was a big part of her life, maybe not in years, but in her soul and in her heart.

She didn’t expect to be so overcome with feelings again as she holds his urn once again. She spends a quiet moment in her hotel room with the urn, her music and her thoughts. She has a lot of memories, both good and bad, and she ponders what her life would be like now had Anthony lived.

Dorinda comes over later to check in on her. They exchange more stories about their late husbands and Dorinda offers what comfort she can to Carole. She’s surprised to find out how comfortable they are with one another without all of the other women. She tells Carole how it’s been hard for some of her new friends (and even her daughter) to see her with John because they all loved Richard so much.

Carole also marvels at the natural and organic flow of their conversation. When they both start talking about the sense of relief that came to them when their husbands passed after a long and exhaustive battle with illness, Carole says she’s telling Dorinda things she hasn’t told her closest friends and family. It is a genuine moment and shows that we don’t get a lot of those. Carole and Dorinda are sharing with each other, but they’re also sharing their stories with us, and that’s very touching.

After all of that emotional heavy lifting, the ladies do some retail therapy the next day. They gossip about LuAnn, who Carole says can be quite hypocritical at times. Dorinda sticks up for LuAnn, saying that she carries herself differently, but that doesn’t mean she’s a hypocrite.

Later, they throw a cocktail party and invite all of their old friends from London. Carole lived there for some time after Anthony died, so she treasures the friendships she made at that time. Dorinda, on the other hand, lived there with Richard, so a lot of her friends talk to her about him and how much they miss him. Dorinda says Richard’s death is still sharp to her, but now she’s realizing that there was a life before Richard, a life with him and now a life to be lived after him. And she’s happier and more excited than she has been in a long time.

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Skinnygirls will Play

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Sonja is filling Ramona in on the rules of dating. More specifically, she’s telling her not to bring her one-night-stand to a house full of the other ladies. (Having sex on the beach is a better option.) Ramona claims that she didn’t sleep with that guy in the Turks and Caicos, that he’s just her “friend with benefits.” Sonja tries to set her straight, but as usual, there’s no getting through to Ramona, whose brain is 85% pinot grigio.

Their intellectual conversation is interrupted when there’s a knock at the door. It’s two handsome young men with two bouquets of roses and invitations to Bethenny’s Skinnygirl party. It’s like Bethenny is sacrificing two young virgins to the cougar goddesses.

Bethenny makes sure the theme of young and good looking men is carried over to the night of her party. She says that there is more men than booze at the party, and there’s lots of booze.

But Ramona’s not impressed with the selection. She says the men are all too young. She wants someone more her own age who she doesn’t have to take care of financially. She actually shoots down one hunk because he’s “just a bartender”; Bethenny tries to tell her it’s not polite to say that to his face.

Ramona leaves when she can’t find a man that fits her high standards, which is funny because LuAnn and Sonja are barely there for 10 minutes before finding some men to take their shirts off and dance with them. Sonja tells Bethenny her tooth fell out when she ripped his shirt off. Bethenny laughs so hard she falls over. It looks like Ramona really missed out on a fun night.

Next time, Sonja debuts her clothing line with a fashion show … and it’s going to be a hot mess.

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