Every week on Big Brother 17 the Power of Veto gets used, and in three of the first four weeks, someone got backdoored and evicted. Will the pattern continue in week 5?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 17 spoilers.

Clay won the Power of Veto.

He saved himself. Jason is the replacement nominee.

Well, this week took a turn. The original plan was to backdoor Austin, but that fell through when the Sixth Sense decided to stick together for the numbers, fearing the “powerhouse” alliance of Jackie, Jason, Meg and James.

On top of that, Vanessa decided to completely blindside Jason, not telling him, Meg, James or Jackie about it at all. They all believed the plan to backdoor Austin was still in effect. At the last minute, Vanessa started acting weird with Jackie and James and raised their suspicions.

Shelli and Steve seemed to be the primary instigators in convincing Vanessa to keep Austin. Steve made the comparison to last season when Derrick and Cody were originally going to evict Zach over Jocasta in week 6, but then flipped at the last minute because Caleb convinced them that Zach was on their side, even if he was a wild card.

Austin and Liz are obviously happy as well. Austin is angry that Jason told people about the conversation he had with him and Liz seems to hate Jason because he and Da’Vonne were the ringleaders in exposing the Twin Twist.

So now the Sixth Sense has basically sprouted into a Seventh Sense since Steve is becoming a more active part. And Vanessa, Shelli and Clay also worked a deal to get Becky and Johnny Mac on their side, leaving James, Meg and Jackie as the targets after Jason is gone.

Vanessa also justified the move to herself by spinning some ridiculous story about how Jason lied to her about Da’Vonne having the Last Laugh, instead thinking Jackie had it. Her theory is too complicated for me to understand, especially since we know it’s ridiculous and Jason has been nothing but honest with Vanessa.

That might be the cruelest part. Sure, I’m a known fan of Jason and hate to see him go, but he really didn’t do anything wrong. He didn’t lie to Vanessa or betray her. In fact, he’s been more loyal to her than Austin since he told her the truth about the conversation Austin had with him. Instead, he’s going because he’s the only strategic thinker who’s NOT a part of the Sixth Sense/Freaks and Geeks power group.

It’s ironic because last week Jason was initially the target, then became everyone’s best friend. Vanessa even used the Power of Veto to save him. Now, one week later, he’s gone from everyone’s best friend back to a target, with Vanessa backdooring him.

UPDATE: After the ceremony, Jason seemed resigned and defeated, accepting his fate and wanting to enjoy his final days. Jackie, James and Meg are a lot angrier and eager to find out what went wrong. Vanessa campaigned to James to flip him against Jason. James then started to doubt Meg and Jason, but they talked him down from it and telling him not to believe everything everyone says to him, especially Vanessa.

And Clay and Shelli are maintaining their innocence, telling Meg, Jackie and Jason that they didn’t know this was going to happen, even though they did. But then in the HoH room, Vanessa wasn’t having any of that and told Jackie that Shelli and Clay did know about the plan to backdoor Jason.

UPDATE #2: Meg talked to Vanessa and Vanessa confirmed that Shelli and Clay knew about the plan to backdoor Jason. But after the ceremony, Shelli and Clay denied knowing about it, so now Meg, Jackie, Jason and James know that Shelli and Clay have been lying to them and they’re working with Vanessa, Austin and the twins. So essentially, they’ve figured out the Sixth Sense, which is exactly what Audrey told them. They also know that Shelli and Clay (but mostly Shelli) have been masterminding everything this season.

As those four figure it out, Shelli and Clay were upstairs with Vanessa, getting upset with her for throwing them under the bus to the people they were lying to. They’re upset that Vanessa made them a bigger target for Meg, James and Jackie.

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