Just before Bachelorette Kaitlyn dumped Ben H. (big mistake), she said her heart was beating out of her chest. With the distracting and deeply plunging neckline on her gown, I was more concerned about a boob popping out of her dress. Indecent exposure aside, the most priceless moment in Bachelorette history has to be after Kaitlyn took her leave of the final two: Nick and Shawn B. The two guys chugged their champagne and failed to make eye contact or interact in any way. The “nomance” between Nick and Shawn has definitely stolen Kaitlyn’s thunder.

All attempts to keep the final two under wraps, including flying the guys’ loved ones to the completely random location of Utah, did little to squash all the speculation surrounding television’s worst-kept secret. We all knew it was going to come down to Nick and Shawn B. So who will Kaitlyn choose and will there be a proposal?

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Kaitlyn and Nick

Theories and spoilers have run rampant — Kaitlyn receives one proposal, Kaitlyn receives two proposals, Kaitlyn chooses neither.

Kaitlyn has gone on ad nauseum about how she and Nick have had great “conversations,” but I’m not sure how they made the time when, on camera, all they ever did was make out. It’s kind of hard to chat with somebody’s tongue down your throat.

It was kind of a giveaway that things might not go Nick’s way during his little sister Bella’s interrogation of Kaitlyn. Bella asked Kaitlyn if she loved her brother, and Kaitlyn’s response was that she liked Nick “a lot, a lot … etc.” You get the idea.

There’s always the possibility that ABC has managed to pull off the biggest twist ever. Nick and Kaitlyn’s chemistry is undeniable, and she liked him enough to risk alienating her other suitors by bringing him off the bench and into the game well after tip-off. I don’t know why, but a sports metaphor seems appropriate here.

Nick was also the first to go where no man had gone before. Or, at least, where none on the show had gone before. Save any angry comments because I am not judging the girl for getting her groove on.

If Nick is not chosen, there’s always next season, and the third time could be the charm.

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Kaitlyn and Shawn B.

Shawn got the first impression rose, he looks like Ryan Gosling and Kaitlyn posted a video of herself and a shirtless Shawn in bed on Snapchat. Those three things all say winner to me.

Shawn B. turned both Britt and Kaitlyn’s heads when he stepped out of that limo, but the well-coiffed bachelor has been mad for, mad at and just plain mad about the lovely Kaitlyn. I still think he’s a bit of a creeper and would have preferred to see Jared or Ben H. at the end.

Could that now infamous Snapchat video have been a ruse, an elaborate scheme to throw viewers for a loop? Doubtful. I don’t think Kaitlyn or Shawn B. would have been willing or able to look so cozy had things not worked out.

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Who Will Kaitlyn Choose?

Shawn B. I predict he’s going to pull out a massive rock, pop the question and Kaitlyn is going to accept. And a few months from now, when reality TV gives way to real life, they’ll break up just like so many other Bachelor Nation couples. And that’s a wrap.

The Bachelorette season 11 finale airs Monday, July 27 at 8pm on ABC.

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