Everyone seems to be on Bethenny Frankel’s case. LuAnn de Lesseps certainly has an issue with Bethenny’s attitude when it comes to paying the bills while Jill Zarin is still offended by Bethenny’s snarky “hobby” comment and the fact that Bethenny wasn’t there for her at the time she needed her most. But despite being the easy target these days, Bethenny remains nonchalant about everything and manages to keep her head high.

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“I don’t really get offended very easily,” Bethenny Frankel wrote on her blog. “All the women on the show have very thick skin, and deep down, most of us aren’t very close friends. We embarked on an extraordinary journey together, and discord is part of that journey. My best friends are those that I’ve had for decades. I’ve grown to respect many of the Housewives and grown apart from others. Don’t hate the player. Hate the game.”

Compared to LuAnn’s issues, Jill’s beef with Bethenny appears to be more noteworthy. When Jill’s husband was diagnosed with cancer, all her friends would call and visit her often to show their support except for Bethenny, whom she expected to be there for her the most. And Bethenny telling Jill to “get a hobby” didn’t help at all.

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For Bethenny, though, she doesn’t have the time to focus on such petty matters. She also thinks that it’s just natural for Jill to pick fights.

“Jill likes to battle. She can’t help it…I make snarky comments and can’t resist a one-liner, and she can’t resist a battle. I have no time to get caught up in minutia,” Bethenny wrote, adding that she was pregnant, working on Skinnygirl margarita, preparing for her spin-off and focusing on her love life during filming of The Real Housewives of New York City. “Petty nonsense was low on the totem pole. I am not at battle. I don’t need or look for allies nor do I rally troops to build me up. I can deal with anyone, anywhere, anytime on my own.”

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