Last week on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Brandi (literally) offered an olive branch to Lisa to try to make up for her bad behavior. The only thing she hasn’t done is actually apologize. Let’s see if she finally takes some responsibility for her actions in this week’s episode, “Wining and Dining.”

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Apologies All Around

Lisa tells Ken that she’s meeting Brandi for lunch, and because Ken is more a real person and less a reality star, he thinks it’s a lost cause. But since Lisa has to be on a show with Brandi, she agrees to sit down and settle things woman-to-woman so they can “move forward.”

The conversation goes fairly well, considering the fact that Brandi is part of it. She tells Lisa she wants things to go back to how they were. Lisa says that’s impossible unless Brandi apologizes. The thing is, Brandi wants an apology too. Lisa apologizes for having Scheana around Brandi and not giving her a heads-up about it. Brandi’s happy to hear it and she apologizes for the nasty things she’s said about her.

Although they’ve seemed to have cleared the air, Lisa tells her that she’s not sure things can ever go back to the way they were. She’s not sure why Brandi wants to be her friend anyway if she’s said all those bad things about her. In her confessional, Lisa says she’s happy to be friendly with her, but she has no intention of being friends with her. Brandi is just too unpredictable.

Yolanda goes to a photo shoot with her daughter Bella. According to Yolanda, Bella is still dealing with the shame of getting a DUI. She says she took her phone away for 21 days (seems like an arbitrary number, but okay) and Bella is responsible for paying all of her legal fees. Yolanda is still worried about her going away to college in New York, and while she hopes for the best, she can’t fully trust her again just yet.

How Wine Flies

Lisa Rinna, Yolanda, Brandi and Eileen meet for dinner. Yolanda invites them all to a dinner party she’s throwing the next day. Lisa Rinna’s happy to have more time to spend with girlfriends now that her daughters are getting older and don’t need her around as much.

The ladies start talking about their husbands. Lisa says she feels like she and Harry were meant to be together. Aw. Eileen says she feels the same way about Vinnie, even though they were both married when they first met. This sets off all of Brandi’s alarms, so she gives Eileen the third degree. Eileen confesses that it was a terrible time in her life because they never meant to hurt their spouses, but they couldn’t help how they felt about each other. Brandi says she appreciates her honesty, but in her confessional she says she doesn’t think cheating is romantic at all.

Brandi starts fangirling again all over Lisa and Eileen. She insists that Eileen toss her hair back and say something bitchy like her character, Ashley. Eileen is obviously uncomfortable and declines as politely as she can. Brandi gets more and more worked up. She offers to pay her $40 (Eileen’s an Emmy-winning actress, not a street performer, Brandi) and then when Eileen still doesn’t comply, Brandi throws her wine in Eileen’s face! That’s low, even by Brandi’s standards.

Eileen is clearly upset; she even starts crying. She doesn’t understand how they went from having a nice dinner with four adults to having a petulant child throw wine in her face. She’s humiliated and shocked, but mostly she thinks it’s bizarre. Yolanda can’t even defend Brandi at this point and Lisa says if it had happened to her, she’d be across the table smacking Brandi upside the head. Yolanda quickly asks for the check.

More Bad Behavior

The next day at Yolanda’s party, she’s worried about how Brandi will behave. She tells Kyle about what happened the previous night and Kyle is shocked as well. If Brandi had any dignity left, she’d give it a day or so before showing up to another group event.

But we all know that Brandi hasn’t a shred of dignity left. When she arrives, Eileen just feels weirded-out about seeing her. She says she feels awkward and it’s like she’s back in high school again. Yolanda tells Brandi that if she were her kid, she’d be in big trouble. But for now, she’s just in a time-out.

To her credit, Brandi does pull Eileen aside right away to apologize. She gives her a necklace and tells her she’s sorry and that she doesn’t really have an explanation. It was either the wine or being starstruck, or a combination, but she says she knew that the way she acted was wrong. Eileen thinks Brandi’s apology is nice but weird. She accepts it anyway, though she still doesn’t trust her.

At dinner, Yolanda makes a nice toast to her husband (of course) and then to Eileen and her Emmy. It’s nice of Yolanda to go out of her way to make Eileen feel better. Then she gives the most backhanded toast to the opening of Lisa Vanderpump’s PUMP, even though she wasn’t invited. Lisa Vanderpump rolls her eyes. She says in her confessional that maybe Yolanda should figure out why she wasn’t invited. It isn’t rocket science.

Brandi isn’t through with being the worst for the evening. She flirts with David’s friend Babyface while his wife, Nikki, is sitting right next to him. When David points it out, she asks to see Nikki’s ring. She looks at it and says, “It could be bigger.” As if that weren’t rude enough, she goes on to say that if she doesn’t have a big rock, that means her husband is cheating on her. Lisa calls her out for being out of line, but Babyface gently tells the drunk next to him that she’s probably just speaking from her own experience. And, of course, he’s right.

Later, when they’re out making s’mores, Brandi drunkenly corners Lisa Rinna and Eileen and starts talking about soaps with them again. When she turns around, the two flee to get away from her. Lisa Rinna says she feels bad for Brandi and she wants to take care of her, but she also wants to give her a spanking. Eileen says she seems to do everything she does because she craves attention.

Brandi continues to make a fool of herself by sitting on David’s lap when Yolanda walks away, which obviously makes him very uncomfortable. When they gather around the piano and Kim suggests they sing a song with the title “I Love My Life,” Brandi suggests they sing a song about something vulgar instead. All of the ladies seem offended, but Babyface and David go along with it well enough to make a joke of it.

The ways in which Brandi continues to make an ass of herself are really just enthralling. I suppose that’s why she’s in the reality TV business.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Tuesdays at 9pm on Bravo.

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