Bachelor fans tend to have certain expectations from the ABC reality dating series’ love searcher every season and Chris Soules is no exception. The farmer from Iowa is being described as “traditional, classic and all-American” which could easily translate to boring but don’t make any assumptions based on that label just yet. The 33-year-old Bachelor hints on plenty of “crazy nights” beginning with the season 19 premiere.

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“Yeah, there were a couple who were maybe a little over-served [with alcohol],” Chris tells PEOPLE. “There were definitely a couple girls who were over-served, but I get it. It’s a long night and everybody’s stressed out and they’re also trying to have a good time.”

“I had some crazy nights,” he added. “Yeah, some of the rose ceremonies were – like the first rose ceremony, I mean. That was crazy because there were 30 women and I really wanted to talk to every one of them and get to know them as much as possible because I had to send a few home and I wanted to be able to make a good decision and that didn’t happen. Just waking up the next morning was like, what is going on? Where am I? This is amazing.”

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Chris competed for Andi Dorfman on The Bachelorette season 10.  He made it to the final three but was not invited to the Fantasy Suite and was sent home by Andi, who could not picture her life in Iowa with him. As the star of season 19, Chris is given his second chance at love on reality TV, where 30 women will attempt to capture his heart. 

“One girl who particularly caught my eye was Kaitlyn,” Chris said of the premiere. “She actually came up, guns blazing, when she came out of the limo. She told me that I could plow her field any day. I think I blushed. But then she taught me how to break dance when I met her inside. I was really impressed with her.”

Of course things get only crazier and more dramatic from here. Watch Yahoo’s extended preview for proof: 

The Bachelor season 19 kicks off Monday, January 5 at 8pm on ABC.

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