On the season 3 finale of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Faye fights with Lisa, Brandi fights with Faye, Kyle fights with Kim and Yolanda fights with Faye. Adrienne shows up to cry, and Lisa and Ken renew their wedding vows.

The finale picks up right where the last episode left off. Yolanda and Brandi are flabbergasted by Faye’s accusation that Brandi was responsible for breaking up a family (the Maloofs). Yolanda says it best, “How dumb can you be?” They are able to resume the conversation they were having before Faye so rudely interrupted. Brandi sent the text because she thought Marisa might benefit from a break or a “hall pass” for a night instead of “throwing her husband under the bus.”

Marisa justifies her negative comments about her husband and her marriage by telling Brandi, Yolanda and Lisa that she just says what she knows a lot of women are thinking. Brandi isn’t buying it and tells Marisa, “You have to protect your husband.” Marisa, who is just completely two-faced and spineless tells Brandi that she is absolutely right. Now that Marisa is down for the count, Yolanda gives her one last kick while she’s down and tells her not to put a woman down in front of other women if you really like her.

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I could not tolerate Yolanda’s higher than thou attitude early in the season, but she has become one of my favorite wives. She speaks her mind, no bullsh*t.

Before putting the whole situation to rest, Brandi asks Marisa who said that she would flirt/sleep with married men. Marisa immediately denies making the comment and then rolls over on Faye. Under normal circumstances this would make Marisa look even worse than she already does but since Faye is so vile, it doesn’t.

Soon the ladies’ attention is drawn to a conversation going on between Lisa and Faye. Faye, who’s skin color can not possibly be found anywhere in nature, accuses Lisa of being out to get Adrienne. Now hold up. She has the balls to show up at a party thrown by Lisa although I’m not sure she was invited or tagged along with Kyle as usual, and then insult her. Faye also tells Lisa that she think she uses Brandi to get back at people. Balls again.

Things get surreal when Faye then says that she wouldn’t want to insult Lisa in her own home. Lisa begins to think that Faye is getting her information from Kyle and Adrienne and tells Faye she has acted as Kyle’s mouthpiece on numerous occasions. I can’t figure out why Lisa doesn’t kick Faye’s orange ass out of the party. Who cares if Faye is friends with Kyle or not.

Brandi and Yolanda join the conversation, and Lisa tells Brandi what Faye has been saying. Kyle, who has been watching events unfold from afar (such a wimp) finally decides to get off her ass and try and get a hold on her attack dog. Faye now focuses her attention on how Lisa fights Brandi’s battles or vice versa. After Yolanda points out Faye’s hypocrisy, Faye then decides to bring up Brandi’s possible hook up in the bathroom at the “White Party.” It’s a lot of petty back and forth and it all boils down to the fact that Faye definitely doesn’t like Brandi.

Faye, much like viewers by this point, claims she is bored with the whole conversation. Now Kyle steps in and tries to intervene. Lisa tells Kyle that Faye accused her of using Brandi to speak for her. This is Kyle’s best and last chance to defend Lisa. Epic fail. Brandi and Faye resume their bickering. Finally, Faye boards her broom and exits. Yolanda tells Kyle that everything that has come out of Faye’s mouth is below the belt and uncalled for to which Kyle responds “perhaps.”

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Just when it seems that the drama has gone from boiling to a low simmer, Adrienne shows up. She barely makes it through the door before she is met by Kyle and Kim. They dote on her and she immediately bursts into tears. I’m not buying what she’s selling. Why would she even show up in the midst of all these personal issue? Even as I write this she just broke up with her boyfriend. Ken is insulted when she doesn’t even bother to come and acknowledge either him or Lisa. She leaves and has the nerve to be offended that Lisa didn’t come over and wipe her crocodile tears with a linen hanky.

After Adrienne’s exit, Brandi finds Lisa in her bedroom. The British beauty is understandably bummed out that what was supposed to be a romantic night has turned into fighting and screaming. Lisa has kind of lost that loving feeling now that Adrienne came and stole her thunder. I blame Lisa for inviting most of those b***hes in the first place. Brandi gives Lisa a pep talk and the vow renewal goes forward as planned. The ceremony is touching, witty and classy. But we wouldn’t expect anything less from Lisa and Ken.

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