The last time (the morally corrupt) Faye Resnick made an appearance on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, she made quite the impression. Now Lisa Vanderpump and Yolanda Foster are talking about how they’ve had just about enough of Faye and some of their other co-stars’ mean-girl antics.

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“When Faye started her [Brandi Glanville] bashing, once again I just felt like I was trapped in a circle with a bunch of women I honestly have nothing in common with,” Yolanda wrote on her Bravo blog.

She also admitted to having a problem with the way Marisa Zanuck was so eager to talk about Brandi in front of all of the other girls when Brandi wasn’t there to defend herself.

“Rather than standing around talking about the birds and the bees, I wanted to hold Marisa responsible for throwing Brandi under the bus at Adrienne’s party so we could move on from that,” Yolanda wrote. “For a minute, I was speechless when Faye inserted herself into our conversation uninvited. I honesty have never seen anyone behave so rudely and inappropriately. How hypocritical from someone that is trying to belittle another woman for her behavior?”

To sum up, Yolanda though Faye’s behavior was completely unacceptable.

“I saw how those pit bulls treated Brandi last year, and that ain’t going to happen as long as this sheriff is in town,” she said. “The fact that Faye defines a woman by a Chanel bag is the most pathetic thing I have ever heard. To be honest, I think it’s an insult to the intelligence of a woman!”

Obviously, Yolanda wasn’t the only outside party that had a problem with the way Faye spoke to Brandi. First, Lisa denied the rumor that Brandi was caught having sex at Kyle Richards’ white party that was held at her home.

“I was the one who knocked on the door, opened it as they were all gossiping outside at the party. Yes, she was having a good old snog as we say in England. What is wrong with that?” Lisa wrote on her Bravo blog. “However, I knew this was a fuel for many if I didn’t intervene. Now would she have taken it further? I don’t know, you will have to ask her … but she didn’t.”

And of course, she has a few choice words of her own for Faye Resnick.

“It worries me that she perceives the definition of a lady can be defined by a handbag,” Lisa wrote. “There are many women I would have interest in hearing their opinion of what makes a lady — Resnick is not one of them. Her reputation precedes her.”

Lisa is referring to Faye’s past when she used the murder of her best friend Nicole Simpson to write a book revealing all of her intimate secrets, as well as pose nude for Playboy as a result of the publicity, hence earning her the apt nickname Morally Corrupt Faye Resnick.

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Gina Pusateri

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV