As this week’s RHOA starts, we’re right in the middle of a Kenya flip-out as she desperately tries to exit Kandi’s party. She’s yelling at Kandi’s manager to get the other cars out of her way or she will “run them over.” Yikes. Chill out, girl. He’s not chasing after you. You want to remove yourself from the situation. We get it.

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Cynthia is sick of it as well, so she decides to sit down with Kenya and be honest about her recent behavior with the whole Walter situation. Kenya is so fixated on Walter being obsessed with her that it’s making her look insane. This is not exactly what Cynthia tells her, but she gets her point across without Kenya getting overly defensive. Which is really kind of amazing. Cynthia is right. Who cares who Walter is dating? Who cares if he keeps showing up? If you lost interest in him, Kenya, he shouldn’t be on your radar.

NeNe Loves Gregg

Who has the most adorable couple-banter on the planet? Oh, that would be NeNe and Gregg. Their separation is in the past and they are clearly in a new place in their relationship. He’s supporting her burgeoning acting career and wants to be with her every chance he gets. The relaxed nature of their interactions really exemplify everlasting love to me. They are exactly who they are and are still a wonderful match.

Cynthia takes NeNe out for a wine tasting afternoon while she’s in town to catch up. NeNe likes her sweet white wine, but is looking to change it up a bit. Cynthia talks about The New Normal and her current status with Walter. Even the group wants to see them back together. We want to see it too, NeNe!

Porsha Opens Up

Porsha goes to see a therapist. She needs to talk to someone about her fears and stresses, and clearly she can’t do that with Kordell. All mocking aside, Porsha goes on to talk about her past miscarriage, and it’s the first time I see her as a brave and real woman. It’s heartbreaking and touching to hear about her struggle. The therapist suggests that she share some of this with Kordell so they can move forward together and be on the same page.

Competing Booties

So it’s time for Kenya and Phaedra to shoot their videos. We have the production pro (Kenya) in one corner and the real booty rookie (Phaedra) in the other. Kenya shoots hers in Atlanta and is in control of every shot, every frame and every step of the process. She goes through isolations, glute flexes and some stretches. 

Meanwhile, Phaedra is on location in Malibu at a gorgeous mansion. There isn’t a ton of direction on this video. Phaedra just kind of dances around and does a few squats. Apollo comes in with a little more structure to the routine. I really don’t think either of these workouts will deliver the result of a stallion booty or a donkey booty, but I think both will be entertaining to watch. 

Gregg Loves NeNe

Gregg takes NeNe out for a romantic dinner in Los Angeles. He tells her how wonderful she is and how much he loves her. He switches out the flowers in the center of the table and then asks her to marry him again. After a minor choke on her drink, she clears her throat and gives a “Yes” that is so classically NeNe. Sassy and fabulous. Congrats! Again?

Next week is the season finale! See you all then.

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