Heidi, Tim and company have sifted through the bad seeds and narrowed it down to only seven designers for tonight’s new episode of Project Runway: Teams. Now that there are fewer personalities to mesh with, the teams have to be working together more effectively, right?

Tonight, the designers will be creating ready-to-wear looks for a major retailer and changing the team dynamics up a bit. 

The designers meet up with Tim at Lord & Taylor for their new team assignments as arranged by judges Heidi, Nina and Zac. Here goes the switch up:

Stanley and Patricia: “I threw up in my gut a little bit,” comments Stanley.

Daniel and Michelle

Samantha, Layana and Richard: “I don’t trust him,” says Layana after last week’s drama.

The judges obviously had drama as a main requirement when picking these new teams. 

Tim introduces the groups to Suzanne Timmins from Lord & Taylor who presents this week’s challenge.

Rose Challenge: Teams must take inspiration from Lord & Taylor rose icon and create ready-to-wear looks to be retailed under $250. The winner will have his/her look reproduced to be sold both in-store and online AND it will be featured in the 5th Ave. window. 

Once the teams return from Mood, it’s already apparent that the claws are coming out. Stanley sees this as his opportunity to control the unpredictable creative force that is Patricia. She nods along at first, but his constant poking around in her business eventually pushes too many buttons. Funny, though, how when Tim comes in to give his suggestions, Stanley has quite a few things to work on. He’s going to let those suggestions “percolate” for awhile. Who says “percolate”?

Richard is working on a black and pink jersey dress, showcasing his use of line blocking. Wait, didn’t we see this a few challenges back? In black and grey? Yeah, you’ve only been on the show for a few weeks, Richard. There have to be more tricks in the bag!

Partners Layana and Samantha aren’t doing too hot either. While Layana is more focused on Richard’s awkwardness towards her, Samantha is taking a route towards a more junior look. It’s looking more Disney channel than Lord & Taylor.

Daniel has chosen a bright, bubblegum pink fabric for a jacket to go along with a bright, bubblegum pink hot pant. Please, no! Michelle and Tim, both, stop him before he can begin working on the shorts. 

To cameras, Daniel breaks down to “tears of happiness” (as he’ll later point out), upset that he has to take apart his “happy” pink jacket and reconstruct it to fit something that would appeal to a younger buyer. In the workroom, Daniel’s temper flares at Michelle for telling him to make it look like something a 21 year old would wear. (I don’t recall her saying this, but if I’m wrong, please, correct me.) They go back and forth for a bit, wasting valuable time.

The next day, Daniel resolves to “forgive and forget” and he and his partner get back to work. Unfortunately, we can’t really forgive or forget this hideous pink dress!

Stanley comes to admire Patricia’s draping techniques, so hopefully next week (if they’re so lucky) she can help him add some spice to his drab designs.


Zac Posen is out again tonight so the judges are Heidi (of course) Nina and Rachel Roy, along with Bonnie Brooks, president of Lord & Taylor.

Patricia’s rose colored draped blouse with matching capri pants and Stanley’s drab attempt at a lengthy, sophisticated dulled pink dress earn spots in the next leg of the competition. That leaves Michelle and Daniel and Richard, Layana and Samantha. 

Michelle and Daniel come out on top, thanks to Michelle’s “hip and modern” mid-thigh dress that can easily accommodate any shape or sized woman. Daniel’s bubblegum disaster, on the other hand, should be popped immediately.

The trio find themselves on the bottom. Layana’s floral patterned chiffon dress with leather lining is actually really nice. It gives just enough of the hard and soft. Bad thing is that the judges don’t really like the pattern. Like I said before, Richard’s look has been done before. Lastly, Samantha’s juvenile creation looks like a wilting flower with a random heart cut out of the back. One of these designers are going home.

Winner: Michelle

Eliminated: Samantha

“I will leave here with a heart for Project Runway,” Samantha says to cameras. I agree with Layana, though, it was Richard’s time to go. At least Samantha showed her creativity and attempted new things.

Next week on Project Runway: Teams, the designers take a trip to the Guggenheim Museum for their inspiration. Everyone is on edge now that there are only six designers left. Who is in and who is out? Find out Thursday on Lifetime.

Compete in Fantasy TV: Make your picks on who you think will be going home. Hurry, you have until Thursday, March 28 at 12pm PST to decide.

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