In this episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, titled “Birthday Fever,” Dorit decides to throw her husband, PK, an extravagant surprise party, which is attended by all his family as well as the women. Towards the end of the night, Dorit decides to start drama with Teddi by bringing up some comment the latter made to Lisa Vanderpump behind her back.

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Dorit Goes All Out for Her Husband’s 50th Birthday

Dorit brings Lisa Vanderpump to try and find a yacht venue for PK’s 50th birthday soiree. As some sort of twisted gift, Dorit decides she is going to perform at the advice of friend Boy George and with guidance from one miss Erika Jayne. Erika brings along Mikey, her entertainment director, to help Dorit try and exude some form of stage presence or personality.

All of the women board an extremely overpriced yacht to wait for Dorit and PK’s arrival so that they all can surprise him for his 50th. Living true to her tagline, Dorit flies PK and herself to the yacht courtesy of a private helicopter. Immediately, PK is overcome with emotion seeing his family, and even though he is one of the worst husbands on this show, it is a nice sight to see. With Erika by her side and her source of confidence, Dorit takes the stage with Boy George and sounds just as good as one might expect, but she doesn’t fall on her face, so it’s a win all around. 

Since Dorit can’t let anything die, she decides to bring up a conversation that Teddi and Lisa Vanderpump had over Dorit’s choice of glassware when attending her glam party. Teddi couldn’t care less if she tried and just nods and says yes, giving Dorit no time of day for the conversation. But, Kyle and Lisa Vanderpump join the conversation and it becomes a two versus two match of Teddi/Kyle and Dorit/Lisa, all over a glass. Dorit gets angry and starts calling Teddi names, all because Dorit can’t admit that she was pretentious over refusing to drink champagne out of a wine glass. With a quick hug goodnight and an air filled with tension, Teddi and Dorit go their separate ways, once again in the midst of turmoil.

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  • Lisa Rinna is truly thriving as a result of Bravo. I mean, she still has a somewhat active acting career. 
  • Teddi being scared of what the more uppity women will think of her beach house is exactly what this entire Housewives franchise is about.
  • I mean, there have been a lot of stupid arguments over the years on Housewives, but this argument over a wine glass is by far the dumbest.

Were you a fan of Dorit’s performance? Were you surprised to see that Boy George still lives with PK and Dorit? Were you wishing that Erika got up to perform instead? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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