With nine teams remaining, The Amazing Race has already touched down in Iceland and Belgium. From death drinks to the first ever head-to-head competition, things are steadily heating up. Where on earth will Phil Keoghan and crew set foot next?

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Teams rendezvous at the airport where they will all take the same flight to Tangier, Morocco. Once there, they make their way to the Fish Port for the first challenge of the leg. Team Extreme pride themselves on being the last standing all-female team, but their lack of proper communication with their taxi driver has them in last place. The other teams are already in the thick of the disgustingly fishy smell and working to mimic a fisherman’s handiwork by arranging fish in an empty crate. 

Team Big Brother lead the pack once again as they grab their clue and make their way to the next destination. They must find a merchant who holds the Travelocity roaming gnome in which the teams will hold close for the Road Block. Team Chomp arrives at the merchant first, but overlooks the merchant, giving way for Team Yale to take the top spot. Meanwhile, the all-female Extreme Team packs their fish faster than Team IndyCar, leaving them in 9th place. 

Road Block

One member of each team must take the gnome on a journey above the city to zip-line from one building to another, twice. Afterwards, the team member retrieves their gnome in a maze of streets, alleyways, tall buildings, etc. with no directions to lead them.  

Jessica of Team Big Brother, Henry of Team Yale, Trevor of Team Well Strung and Eric of Team Firefighters work together to roam with their gnomes. Oddly enough, it’s Cedric of Team Slam Dunk that arrives at the second rooftop first. Four heads aren’t always better than one!

Team Slam Dunk continues to edge out the rest of the teams, now reunited with his gnome after the second zip line. Together, they must find a pay phone for the next clue. Thanks to the winding streets, Cedric loses first place to Conor of Team IndyCar, but a foot race finds Henry of Team Yale reunited with his teammate first. Unfortunately, Brittany of Team Ocean Rescue completes the leg, but fails to return back to her teammate with her gnome. Jessica of Team Big Brother knows she’s the last competitor in the area and decides not to help her friend. It is a race after all. 


“Drop It Off” – Teams must pick up a list of fresh ingredients and deliver them on foot to three stops around the city. After receiving a receipt at each stop, the next destination will be revealed.

“Shake It Off”  – Teams must dress the part and belly dance around tables while looking for the three words that spell out their next destination.

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Team Yale dances their way to first place after suiting up in sheer, purple, two-piece outfits and finding words that spell out Phil’s location. Teams IndyCar, Extreme and Well Strung are hot on their heels. Team Big Brother switches from “Drop It Off” to “Shake It Off” which looks to be a smart decision, seeing how Teams Firefighters, Slam Dunk and Ocean Rescue are struggling in the heat. 

Team Yale reaches the mat first, winning a trip to Switzerland, just as Team IndyCar run up for second place. Rounding out the top three is Team Extreme, followed by Team Well Strung. Team Big Brother comes in fifth. Team Chomp finishes in sixth. Teams Firefighters arrive at the mat in seventh place with Team Ocean Rescue right behind them. This means Team Slam Dunk are the last to arrive, but this is a non-elimination leg! They’ll have to overcome a Speed Bump during some part of the next leg, but they are still in the race.

I, for one, cannot imagine what it must feel like to be in such an intense competition such as The Amazing Race. Every skill is put to the test at any given moment. Do you think you have what it takes to compete in a competition such as this? Do you think you would be one of the first to go? Or would you go home with the million-dollar prize? Join the conversation and leave your comments below! 

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