It’s down to the nitty gritty of this all-star season of Hell’s Kitchen. Robyn, Michelle, Milly, Nick and Benjamin have earned their black jackets and are one step closer to that million-dollar salary as Head Chef at Gordon Ramsay’s new Hell’s Kitchen restaurant in Las Vegas. Before the Top 5 become the Top 4, they must show off their leadership skills by instructing some famous athletes on how to cook.

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The chefs find Chef Ramsay standing in the dining room where there are spotlights shining on the floor and banners set up behind him, each with a Top 5 finalist’s name displayed on the front. He brings out a little help to announce each chef’s teammate for the following challenge.  

Top Notch Teaching

The finalists must teach their athletes how to prepare their signature dish without laying a hand on anything. Cooking with Milly is NFL star Ricky Williams, WNBA superstar Candice Parker will be helping Michelle, former NFL linebacker Shawne Merriman is partnered with Benjamin, Nick shakes the hand of his helper Olympic gold medalist Jordyn Wieber and Robyn will be teaching NBA legend Reggie Miller.

Robyn and Reggie’s tactic for psyching out Michelle and Candice is to sing and dance. It’s a pleasant change from the usual stress seen in the kitchen. Everyone is having a good time and working well together, even though Shawne looks to be checking out his own looks more than cooking and following Benjamin’s instruction.

As each duo is judged by Ramsay, they can sit in the winner’s chairs. Nick and Jordyn start things off strong, but the seats are quickly taken by Robyn and Reggie. The turnaround continues when Milly and Ricky then take a seat. Ramsay is being very generous with yet another winning dish! Michelle and Candice soon take to the winner’s chairs. Can they hold onto the top spot? Or will Benjamin and Shawne be the challenge winners?

Result: Michelle and Candice win!

As the winner, Michelle gets to take in the views of Los Angeles from a helicopter. After her trip, she will enjoy dinner at 71 Above, but she won’t be doing it alone. She recruits her fellow former season 14 contestant Nick to join her. Meanwhile, Milly, Benjamin and Robyn stay behind to clean up. Milly takes the opportunity to sample the dishes left behind instead of doing his share of the cleaning, according to Robyn at least.

Dinner Service

Jonathan Kite and Matthew Moy (2 Broke Girls) and actress Janina Gavankar are part of another full dining room while recording artist Wyclef Jean and guests have a front row seat at the Chef’s Table to the finalists first night of serving all of the restaurant from one kitchen. Milly is scrambled and asking for help from his competitors with every other breath. Is it his own skill or is it his assistance that grants him praise from Chef Ramsay? 

Next in the hot seat is Benjamin, who looks lost as Ramsay calls out the next ticket. Robyn delivers a bland couscous that Nick tells viewers is “almost as bland as Benjamin’s personality.” Ouch! Fitting, though, as he continues to stumble around like a deer in headlights. Benjamin finds his voice, finally, but he’s using it to answer ticket calls with “Oui, Chef.” It’s odd and unnecessary, but it seems to work for him. 

The whole kitchen is steadily imploding. Nick delivers raw meat to the pass. Robyn follows with an ill-prepared garnish. Ramsay slows everything down and takes the Top 5 into the dreaded pantry, leaving Wyclef wondering, “Where did they go?” (You don’t want to know, Wyclef. You don’t want to know.) Inside the pantry, Robyn’s pleading is mistaken for attitude as Ramsay claps back with, “What did you just say to me?” This could be the end of service.

Somehow, they escape from the pantry and finish out service. Michelle is the only one to have a flawless night and is appointed to have a one-on-one chat with each of her opponents to determine which two will be up for elimination. In the end, Robyn’s lack of confidence earns her a spot in the bottom two, as well as Milly who required a lot of assistance in the kitchen.

Going home tonight is… Robyn.

After a heated elimination argument between Robyn and Milly, Robyn is the one leaving Hell’s Kitchen. Walking out with her jacket still on her back and her pet rock in hand, she may have been fun to watch, but she was not ready to lead a restaurant. 

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