With every Housewives series, Bravotv.com features “Before They Were Housewives” galleries so we can look at the ‘wives when they were younger. These galleries are of particular interest to me because now that the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are . . . not young, they mostly look the same. So I want to shine some light on pictures of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills before they were altered beyond recognition.

Kim Richards then:

Kim Richards now:

Despite how she looks in her “now” picture, I would argue that Kim is one of the least plasticized Housewives of Beverly Hills. And she has the personality to match.

Adrienne Maloof then: 

Adrienne Maloof now:

Except for one baby picture, we don’t get to see any pictures of Adrienne before she met the knife her husband. Still, I think there’s a bit of a difference.

Kyle Richards then:

Kyle Richards now:

It looks like Kyle has maintained most of her features through the years. By the way, she was also in City Guys, Love Boat: The Next Wave (as “Scheming Woman”) and Beverly Hills, 90210 !

Lisa VanderPump then:

BH Lisathen.png

Lisa VanderPump now: 

Okay I love Lisa, but she looks pretty different, right?

Taylor Armstrong then:

Taylor Armstrong now: 

WHOA you guys. We knew the lips weren’t real but Taylor is definitely #1 in the “least recognizable” category.

Camille Grammer then:

Camille Grammer now: 

We get it, Camille, you’re the “dancer.” The one thing Camille has kept with her all these years is that cold, dead stare.

So, can the show still have drama if their faces don’t move? We’ll find out!

(images courtesy of Bravo)