Last night’s South Park took on Jersey Shore and Real Housewives of New Jersey, and held nothing back as they ridiculed (and at times straight up imitated, word for word) the ridiculous behavior of its reality stars.

During the episode, Kyle’s mom Sheila explained that no matter how much you tell someone from New Jersey that you despise them, they’ll always find a way to convince themselves you love them. (Well, either that or insult your “muff cabbage.”) So: What did the stars of Jersey Shore and Real Housewives of New Jersey think of the animated mockery?

Check out their reactions below. Apparently Sheila was right, because it sounds like they loved every loud, obnoxious, ugly minute of it. Maybe it’s “just a Jersey thing.”

Snooki: Despite being depicted as a demented furry monster, sounds like Snooki loved the episode.

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino: Got punched in the face by Randy Marsh and loved every minute of it.

Vinny: His life is complete. (Does that mean he’s retiring from TV? … Please?)

Meanwhile, DJ Pauly D and Angelina communicated their South Park approval via photos. Pauly tweeted this shot of Jersey-fied Kyle after a fan said they were “like twins,” while Angelina Pivarnick, who fought several times with Snooki on Jersey Shore this season, posted this shot of the Snooki creature and wrote, “Haaaaa wat a jokee. Lil gremlin.”

Sounds like the Jersey kids don’t mind being called the scum of the earth if it means more exposure. (Wait … I think we already knew that.) But what did those Real Housewives of New Jersey think?

Pretty much the same:

Teresa Giudice: Earlier today she claimed to have not watched the episode, but later told EW she was “honored to be mocked by them,” especially in light of the other mockeries: “Poor Snooki though! I got off easy compared to her!”

Caroline Manzo: How crazy is it that you shave your face? Is that what you mean by “how crazy,” Caroline?

Danielle Staub didn’t sound exactly as thrilled as the rest in her response to EW: “I was pleasantly surprised it wasn’t just me being made fun of for a change. You realize you’re something else when you’re being made into a cartoon. It’s pretty funny.” Way to look on the sunny side! And yes, Danielle, you really are “something else.”

The ‘wives also used this unique opportunity to pitch ideas to other TV shows who might want to mock them. “I’m just waiting to be on SNL, The Simpsons, and Sesame Street, and my life will be complete,” Giudice told EW, while Staub said, “I think I might need to have something done on just me, on Saturday Night Live. I could play me and the rest of the characters could be played by the cast of SNL.”

Embracing open disgust and mockery as a means of getting more exposure. Yep, it’s a Jersey thing, alright!

(Image courtesy of Comedy Central)

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