You guys ready for some twirls? I love Real Housewives reunions. The women of each city have to gather in the same room and face not only their behavior, but their off-camera behavior as well. Their blogs, their tweets, it’s all laid out there and it’s awesome! Also, who doesn’t love Andy, am I right? He asks tough questions that clearly make the ladies uncomfortable. He makes them look foolish when they get out of line and he tries (but often fails) to make sense of beef between the ladies.

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There were so many great moments from this season. We’ll re-live all of them with some shocking and wonderful new reveals. Here’s the best moments from part one of the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion.

Kenya’s Fan

Okay, so Kenya decides to leave us with one final image of her utter insanity by bringing a thick, black fan to throw open dramatically and cool herself down with when things get uncomfortable. Which they most certainly will. 

Porsha Defends Kordell

Kordell gets brought up quite a bit and Porsha defends him and praises him endlessly. It’s sad because we know what’s coming. Kordell recently filed for divorce and it’s very awkward to know that she will soon have to face that. 

Kenya’s Silence

Kenya does well with the insults and burns when she’s in her personal interviews, but cannot fire them back in the moment to save her life. She stumbles over herself. She raises her voice by default. It’s not too pretty. Porsha throws a few solid ones her way, and each time, Kenya sits there in silent shame.

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The Vocab

Shade: A lot of it gets thrown around tonight, as does the word itself. Know what it means? Shade is serving someone (or a group) major attitude. It’s an insult and far different from being shady. It’s negative; and it means, to be rude. The term is paired with “throw” as in “to throw shade.” 

Read: Not a book, but “to read someone” is to cut them down with words. 

The difference between the two is that shade can be thrown without words. A roll of the eyes or, in Kenya’s case, a flick of a fan can be taken as shade thrown.

Kenya’s Delusions

Apparently, these women exist to live only for Kenya. Kenya says, “The only interesting thing about Porsha is me.” Hmm … really, Kenya? Then she claims to be the only reason that anyone knows who Phaedra is, even though Phaedra joined the show before her. 

Phaedra’s Composure

A very pregnant Phaedra is somehow calmer and more composed than Kenya during all of their shade throwing. It’s really impressive. She throws shade, for sure. But she does it with such ease and confidence that she seems in control of every interaction. Even when her and Kenya re-live their booty video battle, she destroys each of Kenya’s outlandish claims of higher success by remaining calm and stating facts and data. 

Next week, the husbands join the girls, along with former Atlanta housewife Kim Zolciak. It’s going to get uglier and more glorious. See you then.

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Chrissa Hardy

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