This week, the Top 7 took on some of the most iconic classic rock songs, though they didn’t hold strictly to the rules because “Bring Me to Life” is by a modern rock band, and “What About Love” is a power ballad.

After Lazaro’s trainwreck last week, and Angie giving her worst performance to date, can either one recover? Will yet another guy go home this week? Or will we finally have a shocking elimination?

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Candice Glover: Candice was really getting into it during her rendition of the Rolling Stones classic. She really knows how to pick great songs that suit her. I don’t have anything negative to say about her performance, though I know some people online wouldn’t classify it as the best of the night as I do. But it seems impossible that she would be in danger.

Angie Miller: As I mentioned, Angie’s coming off of her worst performance. It’s obvious the producers don’t want her to go home because they gave her the pimp spot. And she wasn’t all that bad on “Bring Me to Life,” even though some parts could have been a little better.


Kree Harrison: I bet you’re probably thinking, how can you put her in any category other than Safe? But hear me out. I do think she’s safe. However, after three extremely predictable eliminations in a row, aren’t we due for a shocking exit? And if it does happen this week, it could very well be Kree, not because she butchered “Piece of My Heart” (she didn’t), but because she performed earlier in the night than any of the other frontrunners. Of course, the judges would use their Save faster than you can say “Gone Gone Gone.”


Janelle Arthur: Again, hear me out on this one as well. (I have a feeling I’m going to be saying that a lot.) It’s hard for her to live up to the expectations set by her standout performance last week. It solidified her as someone who could go far in the competition. Last night, her voice was pretty good, especially her upper register, although her lower register wasn’t as strong. Burnell and Lazaro seem a given for the Bottom 3, so that means the third spot will have to go to one of the girls. There always a chance that Janelle could end up there just because we’re down to only seven and someone good will have to end up in danger eventually, though I don’t see her going home.

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Unless something strange happens (like in season 3 when the three divas — Jennifer Hudson, La Toya London and Fantasia Barrino — all ended up in the Bottom 3), it’s pretty much a guarantee that Burnell Taylor and Lazaro Arbos will end up at the bottom of the pack.

But trying to predict who will also join them is very tricky. It’ll obviously have to be one of the girls, as I mentioned before (unless the producers change it up and only have a Bottom 2 so that all the girls appear safe). It could be Janelle, it could be Amber. We may have our jaws on the floor after seeing Kree or Candice here. I’m ultimately going with Amber Holcomb, though I don’t really want to. I’d rather not put any of the girls in danger. But Janelle may have received a big boost in fan support that’s continuing into this week after her Top 8 song. If that happens, Amber might suffer as a result.

Something else in play going into tonight’s results show is Amber’s sister. Ryan gave a shout-out to her sister in the audience who was in uniform. American Idol voters, as we’ve seen in the past, love to vote based on patriotism. (Kristy Lee Cook on “God Bless the USA,” anyone?) Even if Amber ends up in the Bottom 3, the patriotic vote may help to save her, along with her beautiful voice.


But if I’m getting paranoid for no reason at all and there’s no shocking results, then expect to see either Burnell or Lazaro having to sing for the Save. I kept going back and forth on which one of the guys will actually get sent home. We all could give reasonable and realistic arguments for either one. I finally decided on Burnell Taylor for my elimination prediction, though I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Lazaro instead, since it should be.

What are your predictions? Is another guy set to go home? Or will we finally have a shocking elimination, forcing the judges to use their Save? Share your thoughts and predictions in the comments below.

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