After being sent home last week, Richard isn’t so warmly welcomed back into the competition. Tonight on Project Runway: Teams, the time has come for the finalists to shine on their own, with a little help, of course. Richard and four other lucky eliminated designers will assist those still in the competition with a challenge geared toward the wants of Nina Garcia and Marie Claire magazine.

“Heidi and I want to see the five of you in 10 minutes,” Tim informs the final five who have just waved goodbye to Richard. Must be time to rearrange!

Going Solo

“It’s time for each of you to design on your own,” says Heidi. FINALLY! Sure, this is the Teams edition, but enough is enough. There’s a catch, though. Each of the designers will have sewing assistants who they’ll have to manage. Hmm, where on earth will they find enough people with nothing to do in order to staff these teams? 

The Hearst Building, which houses Marie Claire magazine and Nina Garcia, welcomes the final five and Tim as they introduce the next challenge.

Fashion Forward Editorial Challenge: In one day, the designers must create and design looks for the Spring 2013 season. The winner of this challenge will have their look photographed and worn by actress Jordana Brewster.

Back at the Workroom, Tim welcomes some of the eliminated designers back to the competition. The final five are to choose their teams with the help of the button bag:

Stanley and Tu

Michelle and Amanda

Daniel and Samantha

Layana and Kate

Patricia and Richard

Poor Patricia. “I don’t have a prayer left,” she says, “I don’t even remember how to pray.” Well, it’s probably an understatement to say that Richard isn’t that excited either.

Layana makes it known that if Kate had not returned, she would not be able to accomplish her ambitious design. This is the team edition of Project Runway, but you still should be able to handle executing your ideas no matter who your assistant is. 

“Stanley, you better win,” Tu says. He is back from elimination doing all that he can in order help Stanley work, yet all he hears is “I don’t like mistakes,” “Just do it right the first time.” There is no need to be rude.

Michelle presents her t-shirt and pants to Tim who then gives his critique, as usual. The thing is, Nina made it clearer than clear that she wants “NO T-SHIRTS AND NO PANTS.” Stanley believes she either didn’t care about the instructions or wasn’t paying attention. 

Richard has been teleported to sewing class, apparently, where Patricia is acting professor. She is having to take the time to show him exactly how to do each and every procedure. She’s stressed. She’s discouraged. And Richard is having a field day because he’s out from under the pressure and is receiving free lessons. Maybe he is smarter than we thought!

The Runway

Judges: Zac Posen is back!, Nina Garcia and 

Guest Judge: Jordana Brewster, star of Dallas and upcoming film Fast & Furious 6

Patricia’s third try after the disaster that was her and Richard, ends up looking like a shapeless bag. “It looks a little bit unfinished,” says Jordana. It looks more like Pocahontas would take it home with her. 

Of course, bossy Stanley’s roomy coulottes are loved by the judges. “It’s elegant,” Heidi says. Sure the look is really unique and works well for editorial photographs, but his treatment of a teammate on a show geared towards teams is more suited for a bullying video.

Daniel’s yellow Lady Gaga-like creation could be confused with a yellow candy Peep. “It’s definitely memorable,” says Heidi who likens the exaggerated shoulder pads to that of Easter bunny ears. Not good.

Layana’s armored blouse and flowing mini skirt is surprisingly flattering. Jordana expresses that she would definitely wear the design and Zac is proud of her execution. Keep in mind, though, that without Kate’s help, Layana would have been lost!

Tried to tell Michelle about her t-shirt and pants, but it’s too late now. Nina gives it to her straight, saying she looked the designers in the eye and told them “NO T-SHIRTS AND NO PANTS,” and plus there wasn’t enough bold fantasy elements for Marie Claire.

Challenge Winner: Stanley (He should be thanking Tu!)

Eliminated: Michelle (WOW!)

“Michelle, we’re giving you a do or die moment,” says Heidi. What?! A second chance at staying in the competition? I’m glad to see Michelle given another chance, but what do you think?

Next week on Project Runway: Teams, the finalists are sent to different countries to gather inspiration for the next challenge. Make sure you tune in for guest judge John Legend Thursday on Lifetime.

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