On this episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, “Peaches of the Caribbean,” Kenya’s erratic behavior gets on Cynthia’s nerves. Rain threatens the commercial shoot for Bailey Eyeware. Matt has some trouble bonding with the guys. And a rumor about Kim’s husband surfaces.

Peter is acting as a cultural attache to the group, showing them around his homeland. The gang is off to Kingston, but before the bus leaves they get another surprise. Malorie, Cynthia’s sister has arrived. Also, Kenya is nowhere to be found.

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Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Kenya has decided she’d rather spend a romantic day at the spa with new boyfriend Matt than go meet Peter’s family. She also failed to let anyone else know she was begging of from the excursion.

Meanwhile, Cynthia is in a foul mood. She confronts Sheree about telling Kenya Cynthia denied their friendship. Cynthia wants to set the record straight, she’s not saying she and Kenya aren’t friends, she just doesn’t consider them “best friends.” This revelation has come as a shock to the rest of the ladies who thought the two were besties. Are we in high school? Do we have to watch these women deliberate the complexity of female friendships and deal in semantics for the rest of the season?

Cynthia tells the women she does love and care for Kenya, and she gets choked up, obviously upset that Kenya is hurt and bothered by the argument they had. Cynthia’s also bummed that she can’t be excited about NeNe and her reconnecting because Kenya’s jealous.

The ladies are sympathetic, and Sheree encourages Cynthia to sit down with Kenya at some point and explain she’s got enough love to go around for everybody.

Kenya tells Matt about the blow up, and she questions if Cynthia is denying how close they are simply because NeNe is back. Kenya is a bit perplexed as to why Cynthia didn’t share with her the fact she and NeNe had reconnected. Kenya also feels that while she’s always built Cynthia up, all NeNe has ever done is tear the ex-supermodel down.

Cynthia puts all the frenemy drama aside and turns her attention to meeting any of Peter’s family who reside in Jamaica. Peter comes from pretty humble roots, and he hasn’t in a while.

Peter Revisits His Roots

The group arrives and are greeted by Peter’s aunt Faye and uncle Jasper. Everybody sits down to a fish fry, and this seafood is fresh. So fresh it was crawling and swimming around just a few hours before. Peter shares some childhood stories, and Cynthia is seeing a whole different side to her husband, a sweeter Peter.

Kenya Shares Some Gossip

The group returns from Kingston, and the boys head to the hotel bar for a “drinky-drink,” and NeNe pays a surprise visit to Kenya’s room. NeNe doesn’t have a problem with Kenya and Cynthia being friends. She’s in a good place in her life and, in fact, she’d love it if they could all be chums. (I’m sorry, I think I just blacked out for a minute). Who the hell replace NayNay with this kindler, gentler NeNe?

NeNe lets Kenya know the ladies have gathered down by the pool for a nightcap, and they would ALL like her to join them. Kenya’s still hurt, but once NeNe tells her that Cynthia was crying about their tiff, Kenya softens and relents.

NeNe plays peacemaker and gets the dialogue between Cynthia and Kenya going. Cynthia makes it clear she loves Kenya, and she does consider them close friends, and if it didn’t come off that way the night before, she apologizes. Kenya responds that she appreciates Cynthia’s friendship, loyalty and love.

With the situation settled, Kenya agrees to attend the commercial shoot to support Cynthia. Then they turn their attention to Kim’s husband, Chris. Kim has retired for the night, being the stick in the mud she always is, and it’s probably for the best. The ladies like Chris Phaedra calls him “high-strung and a little sassy.” They all agree he’s got a lot more personality than his wife.

Kenya says she knows the ladies have heard the rumors regarding Chris. They haven’t, and Kenya is all too happy to report that people call him “Chrissy.” Phaedra questions who calls him that, and she says “the industry.” Kenya’s been “working” in Hollywood for 20 years, and there’s an understanding that the couple are known as “Tootie and Fruity” and “Kim and Chrissy.”

NeNe and the others may be amused, but Cynthia keeps her mouth shut. She thinks the ladies have crossed a line, and she wants nothing to do with this foolishness.

Sheree doesn’t think it’s right to talk about it either. Sheree believes Chris has every right to run off with men on the weekend and return home during the week, it’s nobody’s business. So Sheree may not be down with talking about it without Kim and Chris around to defend themselves, but that doesn’t mean she’s not buying what Kenya’s selling. I thought the ladies were drinking mojitos, not tea.

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The Boys Bring Some Drama

The boys make an effort to get to know Matt and are a bit shocked to find out he’s only 28. Peter feels the guy is a bit standoffish and isn’t sure if it’s just because he’s nervous being around all these old bucks, or because he’s dating “crazy-ass Kenya.”

Matt doesn’t seem comfortable with the interrogation. When Matt tells the guys he doesn’t have any children, Gregg questions if there’s something wrong with him, and Matt goes on the defensive. Peter makes it clear that Matt needs to chill, and things get heated between the two quickly. There’s a lot of “quit playing” and “What you want to do?” and the mood is tense.

Matt suggests he and Peter take a walk, but Peter balks. Even he knows the personal trainer could kick his ass, so as Matt exits the bar, Peter continues to posture and run his mouth, but his ass stays planted firmly in his seat.

Kenya Acts Salty

The day of the commercial shoot arrives, and Kim is ready to get to work. Chris has returned to Atlanta because he’s “transitioning” from an actor, singer and dancer into a producer.

Kim has flown in her assistant director, Ham, to help her out. Really?! We’re just calling people chunks of meat now?

Kim’s picked a lovely stretch of beach, and it’s a gorgeous day. Basically, all Cynthia has to do is stand around looking fabulous, wearing a pair of her sunglasses.

The rest of the gang loads up in a bus to join the shoot. Kim warned Phaedra and Porsha to “cover up their cakes,” but Porsha went with an almost non-existent nude bikini bottom with a fishnet cover up, and Phaedra appears to have forgotten her drawers all together.

The weather gets nasty, and a storm rolls in. They’ve only got one day to shoot this commercial, so this is an unwelcome surprise. And Kim doesn’t appear to have a contingency plan.

Everybody else arrives, and Kenya’s unimpressed with the location. In her humble opinion, the beach doesn’t look like paradise or sophisticated. What does she want, a top hat and monacle?

NeNe is acting as the stylist with Sheree as her assistant. Phaedra, Porsha and Gregg are all making cameo appearances. The only one not pitching in is Kenya. She decides to take a paddle boat ride with her sweetie. This diss doesn’t go unnoticed by everyone else, Cynthia finds it ironic that she and Kenya just got into a fight about their friendship, and Kenya is the only one not being supportive. And NeNe finds Kenya’s behavior just plain shady. This is definitely not bestie behavior.

Matt and Kenya return to the beach but still isolate themselves from the rest of the group. Kenya questions her boy toy if he’s having a good time, and he fills her in on the Unhappy Hour he had with the guys. Matt says the two “ancient brothers” (Peter and Gregg) were taking some cheap shots and throwing some shade his way. For a big, bad trainer, he’s acting like a little bitch..

Matt does admit he might have been acting a little aggressive, and he was wrong to invite Peter to step outside. Kenya’s shocked because Matt is usually pretty easygoing and calm, and it takes a lot to get him worked up.

The shoot wraps, and the general consensus is a bit salty that Kim got the directing job.

That’s a Wrap!

After a job well done, there’s nothing left to do but party. Oliver has arrived to be with Porsha, and she’s pleased to see he looks just as yummy as he did in Miami.

Spirits are high, and everybody’s having a good time. You’d think Phaedra might be a bit bummed to be on her own, but she’s happy for everyone and optimistic she’ll get her groove back, eventually. She tells Malorie that when she finally “releases the dragon,” well, she’ll be REALEASING THE DRAGON. Go on, girl. Who isn’t loving Phaedra right now?

Kenya pries herself away from Matt and joins Cynthia, Phaedra and Malorie. Cynthia’s still chafed at Kenya’s behavior, but she’s not interested in starting something. Cynthia just wants to celebrate and have a good time.

Phaedra questions why Matt is sitting all by himself, and Kenya says the guys kind of hazed him the previous night. She doesn’t know all his little buttons, but apparently Peter managed to push a few, like his age. When Phaedra finds out Matt is 28, she warns Kenya her picture might wind up in the post office.

Matt takes some initiative and starts up a game of pool with Peter, and just like that, whatever what went on before the two appears to be squashed. Gotta love men. But that’s why we aren’t watching The Real Husbands of Anywhere.

Kim and the ladies all sit down, and the conversation turns to Chris. Porsha, Phaedra and NeNe can’t say enough nice stuff about Kimmy’s hubby, and it’s quite a turnaround from the chatter the night before.

Sheree decides to call everybody out, and tells Kim some things have been said about her husband that aren’t so flattering. Oh, she went there. Because Sheree likes to “keep it real,” she lets Kim know that comments were made about Chris being gay.

To be continued … I think we are about to see Tootie pop the eff off.

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