Things are already down to the wire on The Bachelor. After many tears, much drama and several passive aggressive fights, six women are left in the race for Ben Higgins‘ heart. The Bachelor knows events are at their end because the new season trailer goes all the way to the finale and shows that Ben will say, “I love you,” to not one but two women this season. Presumably these two ladies will be the final two, so let’s look at likelihood of all six remaining contestants making it to the end.


Let’s be honest, Emily’s days on The Bachelor are numbered. The only reason Emily has survived this long on the show is because her conflict with Olivia made for interesting TV. Ben seems to like her but it’s going to take a wild couple of episodes for Ben to go into “loving” mode. Emily might not have won Ben’s heart but I’d be shocked if she didn’t get a Bachelor in Paradise spot out of all the drama she caused. (Not that I necessarily want to see her again.)

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Becca was a strong early contender but has since faded into the background. Ben and Becca’s interactions have been minimal and their one-on-one date reeked of awkwardness. Becca did earn a rose after that date but considering the fact that Ben hasn’t spent much time with her since then speaks volumes about her chances.


Ben once described Caila as a “sex panther” which tells us that a) Ben has no idea how to do “sexy talk” and b) there’s a definite physical connection between the two. This seems to be about as deep as their relationship goes however. Ben tried to get Caila to open up on a recent one-on-one date and the results were less than spectacular. 

Ben kept Caila after that talk but Caila’s ramblings about how she feels she could love Ben or thinks she loves Ben did nothing to convince me she’ll make it to the end. If anything the weird disconnected way Caila described her feelings convinced me that she’s an alien wearing a skin suit.

The Final Three 

So that just leaves Amanda, Lauren B (can we just call her Lauren now?) and JoJo. While Becca or Caila could earn a final three spot, I think it’s pretty safe to say these three ladies will be the final three. Any of them have a pretty good chance of being one of the two ladies that Ben says he loves and makes the final two. 

Lauren B. has to be the one of the ladies though. Everyone sees it, in the audience and on the show, Ben and Lauren B. have had a strong connection since their first date. Ben’s whole demeanor changes when he is around Lauren B.. I’d be shocked if she isn’t one of the women Ben ends up loving at the end of the whole process. I’d actually be pretty surprised if she isn’t the lady that Ben proposes to at the end.

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Between Amanda and JoJo there’s a pretty good chance that Ben could say, “I love you,” to either. Amanda and Ben have a reasonably good relationship. Ben is shown playing with her daughters in the season trailer. Amanda is more of a dark horse in this race though, JoJo is the favorite. 

Ben has the best connection with Lauren B. but he clearly has feelings for JoJo. There’s a sense of friendship between JoJo and Ben that is missing with a lot of the other ladies. I’m not sure if what Ben feels for JoJo is enough for him to get down on one knee but it wouldn’t be surprising if he answers her own declaration of love with a similar response. Right now Lauren B. and JoJo serve the best chance of being Ben’s final two. 

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But what do you think? Who is your favorite to win The Bachelor season 20? Who do you think is most likely and most deserving to win Ben’s love? Who do you want to be in the final two? Who do you want to win The Bachelor this season? 

The Bachelor season 20 airs Mondays at 8pm on ABC.

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