It’s been a rocky couple of episodes for The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks and her husband, Apollo Nida. But despite the fact that they seem to be going through a rough time in their marriage, Phaedra insists that the two of them are now “fine.”

It all started on last year’s reunion when Kenya Moore accused Apollo of texting her.¬†Kenya claims that Apollo was the one who initiated the texting, but it was all innocuous and nothing happened between them.

“We’re fine,”¬†Phaedra told Bethenny Frankel on her daytime talk show, Bethenny. But she did admit that watching the episodes bring back the same emotions of the day they lived it.

Phaedra told Bethenny that although she and her husband are fine now, it was still inappropriate for Kenya to be texting Apollo.

“They were friends at a point, but then we stopped being friends, any other conversation should have ended. It was two inappropriate people acting inappropriately.”

The fact that Apollo was acting inappropriately is one thing that Kenya and Phaedra might actually agree on.

“Watching Apollo repeatedly say he ‘could have slept with me if he wanted to’ and seeing the way he behaves in his marriage just reminds me of how immature, disrespectful and dishonest he is to his wife, marriage and in life,” Kenya wrote on her Bravo blog.

“I’m not saying that it’s not allowed ever,” Phaedra clarified when Bethenny asked if it was ever okay to text with a friend’s husband. “But if I’m no longer friends with someone, you should no longer be friends with them because we’re a team.”

Phaedra also had some things to add about how being on a reality show can put extra pressure on a marriage. But if a marriage is strong, it should be able to withstand it.

“I think what makes our show so good is that we’re not afraid to be very transparent, and we do allow people to come inside our personal lives and we’re really very honest with the audience about a lot of issues,” she said. “Marriage is hard and the TV show adds another dynamic. You’ve got four million people weighing in on the topic, but at the end of the day, obviously the marriage has to be between you and your partner, and you have to make a decision as to how you’re going to handle any pressure, whether it be good or bad.”

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Gina Pusateri

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV