In this episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, “From Zen to Sin,” NeNe reflects back on how far she’s come as her Broadway debut nears. The other ladies enjoy their time in Manila. And Phaedra and Kenya come to a new understanding.

The ladies leave the respite of the spa and head for the big city, Manila. Everybody is in good spirits, but the real question is, will Phaedra and Kenya resolve anything when they finally sit down and have their epic one-on-one convo?

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Moving Forward, Looking Back

While the other women are living it up halfway across the world, NeNe is in NYC getting ready for her big Broadway debut. At her costume fitting, she admits to the costume designer that she’s suffering from some stage fright. NeNe is determined to succeed because she isn’t about to give her haters any ammo to use against her.

When the ladies aren’t fighting, they spend a whole lot of time discussing each other’s ass-ets. Porsha and Demetria put their ample bottoms to the test in a twerk-off, and while Porsha may have more junk in the trunk — Kandi’s words, not mine — Demetria has a leg up in knowing how to shake what her mama gave her. I have to say, these ladies are in no risk of being recruited by any think tanks in the near future.

Broadway Baby

This season feels like NeNe’s swan song. She takes time to appreciate how far she’s come. From a stripper to a reality TV star to a supporting role on The New Normal, and now “the Great White Way.” Her journey since becoming a real housewife is supported with clips from previous seasons. Bravo has also greenlit her spin-off with former RHOA cast member Kim Zolciak,and her clothing line is going like gangbusters. But NeNe herself has admitted to always having one foot out the door but always somehow, someway, getting pulled back in.

Phaedra is interested in more intellectual pursuits: going to a restaurant where the entire staff consists of “little people.” We do know that Phaedra has a proclivity for — excuse my turn of phrase — some shorties. Nobody need get offended since at least I didn’t refer to them as hobbits like Miss Phaedra does.

Everybody climbs on a mini-horse and heads to the top of a volcano. Porsha looks like Pocahontas, if the historical figure wore see-through lace booty shorts. I mean, just because you can wear something doesn’t mean you should, and the other ladies are seeing more of Porsha than they are of the local scenery.

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Peace Treaty

Phaedra and Kenya finally sit down to try and resolve their differences because both women are determined to try and find a way to move forward and not bring any old grievances back to Atlanta. That’s all fine and good, but you know that come the reunion, old wounds are likely to be reopened.

Kandi is surprised that Phaedra even made good on her promise to talk to Kenya, figuring the attorney only agreed to do it to shut Kenya up for the duration of the vacay. And while Cynthia thinks Kenya is due an apology, Kandi doesn’t see one forthcoming.

The whole episode has led up to this all-important face-off, but I’m not going to regurgitate every moment of the 15 minutes devoted to rehashing years worth of issues. Every fan knows that Phaedra felt like Kenya crossed the line with Apollo and responded accordingly. Kenya thought she’d be vindicated when Apollo confessed that Kenya never propositioned him, but she didn’t.

Phaedra says she can’t change the past and is ready to move forward, but Kenya calls foul. She feels that while Phaedra says she’s over it, her actions contradict her claim. Cue tears, as Kenya chastises Phaedra for the multiple times — supported by clip after clip — that Phaedra called the former beauty queen a whore. Usually when Kenya “cries,” I don’t actually see any tears, but this time I think she manages to muster a few, although it might just be the lighting.

Phaedra offers up a heartfelt apology, but that just never seems to be enough with these women. Kenya wants Phaedra to state, for the record, that when it comes to Apollo, Kenya’s behavior has been squeaky clean.

Phaedra is honest. She tells Kenya she wants to believe her, but as a wife, she had to “roll with her husband.” Now that Apollo is out of the picture, she’s not sure where her head is at. I think Kenya should quit while she’s ahead. Phaedra can’t fully exonerate Kenya, and Kenya is unwilling to accept anything less.

Phaedra swears she won’t call Kenya a whore again, and points out that while she has referred to her (former?) nemesis as Satan, she hasn’t called her a slut or a whore in a year. Gold star for Phaedra. Phaedra also pledges to Kenya that she’s willing to work on their friendship. I believe they mean it as they say it, but like undercooked pasta, I don’t think it will stick.

Footloose and NeNe Free

As far as Housewives getaways go, this one is a standout success. It’s certainly a huge step up from Puerto Rico. They all gather for a final meal, and Claudia brings up the blonde elephant not in the room: NeNe. Porsha has been keeping NeNe up to speed on current events and believes that, had NeNe come along, she would have fallen in line with the rest of them. The other ladies don’t buy it for one moment, and truthfully, I don’t think Porsha does either, but I give her props for trying to look out for her girl. There is no doubt the dynamic would have been completely different had NayNay been in attendance.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays at 8pm on Bravo.

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