While the “collar” system is all but defunct at this point in Survivor: Worlds Apart, it’s time for a merge which means it turns into even more of a numbers game than it has been. It seems the former “blue collar” tribe has the most remaining members, but who knows if they’ll stay that way going into the merge. And has Carolyn found a permanent spot among the former “no collar” alliance? We’re about to find out who falls where and what it means for the future of the game.

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Both Rodney and Tyler were blindsided by the last vote. Tyler knows he’s on the bottom now and he hopes he can scramble until the merge.

Of course Rodney isn’t taking things well. He feels disrespected by Mike and the rest of his former alliance. He says he’s not planning on being Mike’s bitch for long and they’ll all pay for their betrayal at the next vote.


Kelly tells the former “no collars” and Carolyn that she’s with them all the way and she doesn’t have any allegiance to her former tribe, which of course is a lie. She’s basically counting down the minutes until she can get back to her BFF Mike.


The two tribes meet on a beach to merge where they celebrate and feast. But the party is short-lived because when they get back to the former Escameca camp, it’s been completely leveled. How rude! They have to start over, building a new shelter and camp for their newly-merged tribe.

Tyler is glad that he has this new-found hope of playing the game with new people. He and Carolyn just need to be careful to not show how close they are so people don’t see them as a threat.

Kelly and Mike are definitely not careful in this aspect. Jenn sees the two of them talking and immediately knows Kelly was lying before, so she tells Hali they may have to work with Shirin, even though they don’t really care for her all that much.

Rodney approaches Will and Carolyn, and tells them how he wants to work with them and Kelly. He says that they can pick the former “blue collars” off. He says this all the while he pretends to be on their side. Carolyn says that she’ll consider the option with Tyler, but also considers sticking with the “no collars.” Rodney also seems oblivious to the fact that Mike and Kelly are close, so that might come back to bite him.

For their new tribe name, Mike suggests “‘Merica.” He thinks it’s a smart idea because it represents the red, white and blue of their tribes and their country. Shirin thinks it’s the worst tribe name in Survivor history and makes them all sound like redneck idiots who don’t even know their own country’s name. I’d have to agree.

Mike does some “Rodney maintenance.” He tells Rodney that Joe has to be the first to go if she doesn’t win immunity. Rodney slaps his hand and says, “blue collar ride or die,” but he still plans on getting rid of Mike as soon as he can.

Immunity Challenge

For the first individual immunity challenge, the survivors have to hang on to a pole for as long as possible. Simple as that.

Will and Dan are the first ones out. The rest drop out one by one until it’s Carolyn, Jenn and Joe. Jenn gets stung by a bee (in the crotch region; ouch!) but still manages to hang on for 55 minutes until she falls. The rain starts to come down after that, but both Carolyn and Joe ride it out until Carolyn can’t take any more. She falls first, and Joe wins the first individual immunity.

Loser Camp

Mike thinks that now that they can’t vote out Joe, they should vote Jenn to split her up from Hali. He tells Rodney to tell Will to vote for Hali. That way, they’ll know if he’s loyal or not, when they see Hali’s name come up.

Kelly and Carolyn still feel close after spending some time on the other tribe together. They both agree that Jenn should go, but Carolyn wants to talk to her co-swing vote, Tyler, first. Tyler says it’s hard for him to trust Mike after he got rid of his buddy last week, so they still seem to be considering both options.

Jenn, Hali and Shirin agree that a “blue collar” has to go first. They think it should be Kelly since they don’t trust her and it would ruin morale for that alliance. Jenn tells Hali that they need to figure out which one of them they’re gunning for, because she has an idol and she’ll play it, if she needs to. 

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Tribal Council

Kelly knows that no one’s safe tonight. Will jokes that things are so crazy that even Jeff is in danger of getting voted out. But whatever happens, he knows his vote will prove his loyalty.

Mike says now is the time that they’ll learn the true alliances they’ve made and the real people they can trust. It’s about making a decision and then living with it for the future of this game.

Tyler and Carolyn agree that they’re swing votes while Shirin says she feels like she’s part of a solid alliance. Carolyn says that lines will be drawn tonight. Tyler, more graphically, say it will be like someone taking an ice pick to the back of this tribe. Okay, that’s gross.

Before Jeff reads the votes, Jenn makes the Survivor smart move, and plays her idol. And good thing she did. She received the majority of the votes. Hali gets one from Will, (who was “proving his loyalty”) and the rest of the votes went to Kelly, who is sent packing.

A pretty exciting vote for the first individual Tribal Council. And what’s even better is that it means back to square one for next week’s vote, which will hopefully be just as dramatic.

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