The last episode of The Amazing Race took us for a wild ride in Bangkok, Thailand. Eight couples remain in the competition, and stress took a toll on several couples.  Blind date couples Jelani Roy and Jenny Wu clashed for the first time, and Hayley Keel and Blair Townsend continued to spar.

The final team to reach Phil, Harley Rodriguez and Jonathan Knight, were eliminated after they were unable to catch up to the other teams after completing a Speed Bump. So who will take the lead on this leg of The Amazing Race? Let’s find out!

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Beer and Lederhosen

“Get in That Lederhosen, Baby (Bavaria)” starts off with Bergen and Kurt, who won the previous leg, opening the first clue. Teams are now headed to Munich, Germany. After taking a rail trip, the teams must locate the clothing store Wies’n Tracht and Mehr and choose some fetching outfits to wear for Oktoberfest.

Laura and Tyler enjoyed their date night, but it seems that their relationship is stuck in the friend zone, for now at least. Hayley and Blair have also decided that they are “best buds” who will win the million dollars together. We’ll see how long that truce lasts. Aly and Steve first met in Munich, so this location holds special memories for them.

All eight teams are on the same flight, so the competitors will once again start with a level playing field. Laura and Tyler reach the shop first. When the shop-keeper approves of their attire, they can head off to Alter Peter Tower to find the next clue. Racers must climb to the top of the tower and look for the marked Ford Focus vehicles, and then drive themselves to a factory.

A Crucial Mistake

 I must say that the teams look cute in their lederhosen and dresses. Laura drives the car forward, nearly hitting the car in front of them. They decide to switch cars so they can pull straight out, but Tyler forgets his fanny pack, which carries his passport and money. No big deal, right?

Jackie and Jeff have problems of their own when they are unable to find the cars on the street, and start to bicker. They finally find a car, but it has Tyler’s fanny pack in it. The duo take the car anyway. Jackie and Jeff have a full-blown argument that is kind of scary. Poor Bergen and Kurt don’t know how to drive a stick shift, which is scary for them.  I am scared because Hayley and Blair are arguing again — already.

Winter Wonderland

Aly and Steve reach the factory first, and teams must now use the Ford’s rear-view camera and drive in reverse through a winter wonderland inside the factory. They will have to figure out their next clue as they go. I actually like the winter scene, complete with reindeer roaming around. Aly and Steve figure out the phrase “Schliersee.” Teams must now drive to the town of Schliersee to find the next clue.

Tyler and Laura arrive and discover that Tyler’s fanny pack is missing. After getting the next clue, they are forced to sit and wait for someone to bring the car that they vacated, along with Tyler’s fanny pack. Blair stops to ask why Laura and Tyler are waiting there, and Hayley is not happy. Again.

Driving Disasters

Meanwhile, as Bergen continues to try driving, Kurt suggests getting a cab and taking a penalty. Bergen is disappointed because he feels that he was getting the hang of it. Jelani and Jenny have driving issues of their own as they get lost, as do Mike and Rochelle.

Aly and Steve row out on a lake to pluck the clue from a buoy. It is a Detour: Stein or Stack. In Stein, teams must carry 22 steins all at once. If they are successful, they will receive the next clue. In Stack, teams must build a tower of 15 empty beer crates. What could possibly go wrong?

Aly and Steve decide to do the stein challenge, and those steins are huge! The Olympians must follow a marked course between tables and around happy, drinking Oktoberfest revelers. They manage it on the first try, and are now headed to search for the next clue at the Markus Wasmeier Museum.

Sing a Song

It is a Roadblock, called “Who Wants to Woo?”  One team member must learn a traditional German song, and then climb up on a ladder to serenade their team mate on a balcony. If they mess up the words, or sing out of key, they get a bucket of water thrown on them. Who thinks of these challenges? These tasks are crazy, and I love every minute of it!

Aly gets it on the second try, and she is beyond thrilled after getting doused with water on her first attempt. This pair receives the next clue and it is the location of the Pit Stop: Lake Spitzingsee.

Bergen and Kurt arrive at the factory and can’t do the challenge without a car, and they also have a two hour penalty. Jeff and Jackie cruise up, and when Laura and Tyler ask if they found a fanny pack, the couple doesn’t answer them. I don’t know why Jackie and Jeff are being evasive about it. A moment later, Laura and Tyler find the fanny pack shoved underneath the seat, and they know that the other team hid it there. 

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No Use Crying Over Spilled Beer

At the Stein challenge, Hayley spills her beer all over the floor to the delight of the crowd. Matt and Ashley manage it on the first try. Hayley and Blair argue over Hayley’s stein-holding technique, and she calls him “Captain Obvious.” Hilarious! Hayley finally tells Blair that they are switching tasks.

At the Stack Detour, four of the blind date couples give it a whirl. It looks deceptively easy, but it isn’t. The climbers are suspended by a harness and no one can support the top five crates from underneath. Blair and Hayley are the final team of the group still trying to master the crates. Back at the factory, Bergen and Kurt finally receive the next clue and take a train to Schliersee.

Rochelle and Mike reach the Detour, and also win the Date Night prize. They have quite a bit of trouble with the Stack challenge. Rochelle, who is afraid of heights, isn’t thrilled by balancing on top of the crates. Bergen and Kurt also decide to try and tackle the crates, but get lost trying to find the location, so they head back to the train station.

The First to Arrive

Aly and Steve are the first team to reach Phil on the mat, and as the winners of this leg of the race also each win a 2015 Ford Focus. Way to go, guys! Matt and Ashley grab second place, and Jackie and Jeff take third. When Blair and Hayley arrive, Blair confides that he sometimes wants to “run away.” Yikes!

The Last to Arrive

While waiting at the bus station, Phil comes to Bergen and Kurt to tell them that they have been eliminated from The Amazing Race.

The Amazing Race airs Friday at 8 pm on CBS

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