On this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kandi finally gets some much-needed emotional support. Porsha endures another low blow from her soon-to-be ex-husband. NeNe deals with the demise of her primetime acting career. Cynthia undergoes surgery. And tension runs high between Phaedra and Apollo.


Kandi relays her frustrations regarding her mother’s disapproval of yet another suitor to her manager, Don Juann. Don believes Mama Joyce’s concerns really stem from insecurity. How will she fit into Kandi’s life once she marries Todd? I think Mama Joyce made it clear that her primary concern is Kandi’s pocketbook, and that the gravy train will run out if Kandi marries a man of modest financial means.

Instead of getting some much-needed reassurance, Kandi finds out that Don Juann is also looking out for his own best interests. He tells Kandi that things change when people marry and merge their lives together. He questions where he’ll fit in once Todd is in a position to potentially deny Don Juann his paycheck.

Kandi tries to explain that Todd is not a threat to Don Juann’s livelihood, but like Mama Joyce, he seems to think that Todd is ready to swoop in and take over Kandi’s empire while she stands by and watches it happen. Kandi reminds Don that she has never let her team down, not even when she was pregnant. Kandi is finding out that everyone thinks that once she’s married, she’s going to transform into a stay-at-home wife who ceases to keep track of her empire or the profits it generates.

Kandi has always been very pragmatic. She would like a husband and more children, but she is still very driven to stay a self-made woman. Not only are the members of Kandi’s inner circle being selfish, they’re being sexist. If Kandi was a man, would they have the same doubts?

A New Normal

On the heels of learning that The New Normal would not be renewed for a second season, NeNe learns that her future on Glee is also uncertain. All of sudden, she has the heart of a tortured artist, and only finds relief when her creative juices are allowed to flow. Let’s  get real for a moment: NeNe actually just played herself on two shows. She wasn’t even a primary character.

Gregg isn’t hearbroken by the hiccup in his wife’s acting career. He’s content to remain in Atlanta and have NeNe take on more of a traditional role, that of homemaker, mother and grandmother.

A Fresh Start

Cynthia arrives at the hospital to undergo treatment for her fibroids. Even though the surgery is pretty simple, Cynthia is a bundle of nerves, choosing to focus on the infinitesimal possibility that something could go wrong. I’m not thrilled with being an involuntary witness to anything medical. It tends to make me queasy. When it comes to the Housewives, that usually means having to watch plastic surgery procedures.

Cynthia makes it through her surgery and thanks Peter for all of his help. He did have a bit of an ulterior motive, which was the hope that by removing the fibroids, Cynthia will no longer be grouchy and moody. He’s also hopeful to see an uptick in their sex life.

The Hits Keep Coming

Porsha continues to lick her wounds at her mother’s house. Given the fact that Kordell threw her out, she’s lucky she had somewhere to go. The latest slight from Kordell is his refusal to let her come to the home they shared and pack up her things. Even employees who have been fired get the opportunity to gather up their coffee mug and family pictures, under the watchful eyes of security, and throw them into a box. Kordell even returns her wedding dress damaged. Porsha says his behavior is comparable to something a “queen” would do to be dramatic. She feels he’s letting her know “woman to woman” that he doesn’t give a damn about anything they had together.

Homeless and Loving It

While Porsha is unpacking, Kenya is packing up in anticipation of leaving her home within hours. Kenya says that whenever she needs to relieve some tension, she likes to twerk. I still don’t understand the intricacies of this dance sensation, but Kenya is shaking her behind all around the house. She’s awfully happy for someone whose reputation has been very publicly dragged through the mud. I’d wager she’s just trying to put on a happy face for the cameras.

Kenya is convinced that her landlord is just bitter that her relationship with Kenya didn’t thrust her into the spotlight. The two did spend some time together, but Kenya says she never considered the woman a friend. There’s no doubt that Kenya could be right. But she is the second Atlanta housewife to be evicted. The bad luck that befalls Kenya can’t always be someone else’s fault. It’s time to look at the common denominator.

A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

Now that Mr. President has arrived, Phaedra is ready to update the family photos. Apollo is less than thrilled, but we all know Phaedra gets what Phaedra wants. Maybe he’s still traumatized from the couple’s pickle pictures. I know I am. This time, Apollo isn’t so quick to fall in line. He accuses Phaedra of not even letting him know about the photo shoot. It becomes increasingly obvious with each episode that, for these two, the honeymoon is definitely over.

Phaedra’s dream of her family being immortalized wearing all white like “black angels” starts to fall apart when Mr. President gets hungry and rowdy. He’s the second male to disappoint her that day. She finds the silver lining on this cloudy day by claiming that these pictures are a true picture of their life at the moment: pure craziness.

From the Mouths of Babes

Poor Kandi. She’s desperate for someone close to her to show some enthusiasm for her relationship with Todd. Next stop, her daughter Riley. No doubt Mama Joyce’s accusation that Riley is less than thrilled at the prospect of Todd as a stepfather is also in the back of Kandi’s mind when she questions her daughter about how she feels about a wedding. Riley claims to have no feeling about it. Kandi asks if she is being more open with her grandmother than her. Riley swears there’s no truth in what her grandmother told Kandi.

Kandi recruits her daughter to help Mama Joyce develop a more optimistic attitude when it comes to Kandi’s relationship with Todd. Riley is amenable, which causes Kandi to try and corroborate her mother’s story about Riley disliking Todd. Riley sells out grandma in a hot minute. She tells Kandi that Joyce made it clear to Riley that she was going to ignore Todd. Joyce’s attempts to manipulate Kandi via her daughter get her a bit hot under the collar.

Riley lays it out for her mom. Once Kandi and Todd get married, Kandi’s mom will have no choice but to fall in line. She’ll have to be nice to Todd or risk spending less time with her daughter. Riley tells Kandi that she and Todd will have to stick together until the end. Kandi starts to reconsider waiting for her mom’s approval and just move forward. This makes all this nonsense moot.

It Can’t Rain Forever

Kandi checks in on Porsha to see how she’s doing. Porsha fills Kandi in on Kordell’s latest slap to the face. Kandi, who doesn’t have the full 411 on Kordell, thinks he does want to be loved. She feels that because he’s upset and angry, he’s lashing out in a b****y way.

Not only has Kordell’s sexuality been called into question, but now it seems he might have been physically abusive to Porsha as well. He has done her dirty a hundred different ways, but thanks to the RHOA, Porsha is able to exact her own revenge.

Kandi points out the upside to Porsha’s current situation. She’s still young  and hot and not saddled with any children by Kordell, so she has plenty of time to find Mr. Right. Porsha is beginning to work my nerves because, even though she complains relentlessly about Kordell’s treatment of her, she tells Kandi she still loves him. After declaring on multiple occasions that she has closure, it turns out she doesn’t really feel that way. How many more ways does Kordell have to shut her down before she gets it?

Exit Stage Left

Kenya has a flare for the dramatic, so there’s no way she was about to exit that house without a scene. Even though she was given until 5pm to leave the house, her landlord Conya shows up a few hours early and starts yelling for the twirling dervish to get her a** out. She even goes as far as to call the police and lie about Kenya’s deadline for vacating the premises. Despite the arrival of the police, who are on the lookout for a trespasser with implants and a weave, Kenya is able to get her fabulous self off the property without getting arrested.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays at 8pm on Bravo.

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