After last week’s cliffhanger on America’s Next Top Model, fans got to spend the week speculating who would be the final two standing. Cory fails to make the cut. This doesn’t come as a complete shock given that his androgynous look posed problems for the judges throughout the competition. Like the other contestants who returned to be part of the catwalk crews, Cory gets to participate in the final runway show.

Walking the Walk

The show is a live recreation of a short video the three finalists shot earlier in the day. The story is about a girl caught between two loves, one bad boy and one good. Given Jourdan’s past, and her escape from an abusive relationship, she is able to relate to her character.

Props to Cory for playing his part without missing a beat, despite having his hopes crushed just moments earlier.

Jourdan wants to win because she feels she can be a role model to girls in abusive relationships. There’s a symbolic moment of empowerment for her near the conclusion of the fashion show when she knocks Cory down, turns and plants a spontaneous kiss on Marvin’s lips. Marvin handles this improvisation seamlessly.

A Final Shot

The following morning, Jourdan and Marvin receive an unexpected visit from Tyra who does one last impromptu photo shoot. While Jourdan doesn’t miss the opportunity to assess her competition one last time – she says his body appears awkward – Marvin says he finished watching Jourdan. He feels he’s put every ounce of himself into the competition and now all that’s left to do is wait.

The Final Panel and Deliberation

The time comes for the finalists to stand before the judges for the last time. Tyra says that they will both be evaluated based on their entire body of work.

Both get heavy praise for their performance on the runway. Kelly tells Marvin she was blown away that a Bronx-born son of a janitor could so fresh and beautiful. Rob says that judging from the reaction of the girls in the audience, Marvin definitely had a presence.

Kelly tells Jourdan she’s been waiting to see the fierce, beautiful confident girl she saw on the runway for most of the competition. Never one to be at a loss for words, Kelly says that Jourdan was an “autumnal queen of effervescence.” Tyra says Jourdan was flawless with one caveat, her picture.

The judges briefly revisit photos from various shoots offering compliments and constructive criticism on each of the finalist’s pictures. By the time they reach Tyra’s shot, the visual evolution of Jourdan and Marvin is complete. Kelly tells Marvin that it has been a pleasure for her to watch his progress. Rob says that the shot of Jourdan is the embodiment of everything she’s been working towards. Then both are dismissed as the judges deliberate.

Bryanboy says that Marvin appeals to many different groups and is a favorite among gays and Latinos especially. Kelly thinks he can open up a whole new level of profitability for Guess. Rob would like to see Marvin come out on top because opportunities like the Guess campaign and the prestigious modeling contract don’t come along often for male models. He also feels Marvin is perfect for the Nylon spread.

Kelly vehemently disagrees stating that Nylon is all about the ingenue, it’s where the young girls get their start. She feels that at the end of the day, all clients care about is getting a good shot, and on that front, Jourdan delivers.

Tyra questions whether the skewed number of members on each finalists’ catwalk crew is indicative of how social media and the fans feel. Bryanboy feels its an accurate way to measure popularity among the public. If so, bad news for Jourdan who only had one measly follower.

Girls Rule

In the end, the judges crown small-town girl Jourdan as the winner. Marvin says he feels lucky to even be standing there at all. The fact that a kid like him gets a chance like this just proves there’s light at the end of the tunnel no matter how bleak somebody’s background might be.

Tyra tells him that he just needs to mature. The face needs to catch up with the man inside. Marvin’s not worried about his future, he’s confident that with time, he’ll be a supermodel.

Tyra reveals to Jourdan that she was hoping for a male winner but that after the runway and the final photo shoot, Jourdan’s charisma is undeniable.

It is kind of a letdown to see another blonde girl triumph over more diverse, but equally stunning, competitors. But, I’m certain this is not the last we’ll see of Cory or Marvin. And, don’t give up on a boy ANTM winner in the near future. The show has been renewed for another cycle, and a whole new group of hopeful hotties, both male and female, will be waging another battle of the sexes.

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