It’s time for The X Factor‘s first real results shows. After a graphics error caused last Thursday’s episode to become a performance redo, this week will have a true results episode. We’ve already seen Carlos Guevara go home, and now two more acts will be eliminated.

Assuming the show keeps its double elimination format, the act with the lowest number of votes will be automatically eliminated while the other two in the Bottom 3 will then sing their “Save Me” songs, with the four judges deciding which one to send home. Hopefully we’ll also get our first glimpse at the leaderboard to tell us where everyone stands.

The results shows will also feature performances by Selena Gomez and Fifth Harmony, so Mario Lopez and Simon Cowell will be drowning in estrogen.

Here are my thoughts on where everyone will stand this week and who will be eliminated.

Who’s on Top?

Having good performances at the end of the night should give a big boost to Alex and Sierra and Jeff Gutt, so I expect both of them to be near the top of the leaderboard. I also think Simon Cowell’s shameless shilling of Restless Road will pay off and consistent performances by Rion Paige, Ellona Santiago and Josh Levi will find them in the top half as well.

In the Middle

Rachel Potter is hit-or-miss, but the country angle should give her enough support to sing another week. I also think Khaya Cohen will be safe as she seems to be coming on strong, but it might be a bit too late.

In Danger

That leaves four acts who, based on performances and judges’ comments, should be working hard on their “Save Me” songs. Sweet Suspense just isn’t coming together like Simon wants and the other judges have done a fantastic job torpedoing them. If they have to sing for their lives, odds are good he three female judges will curt them to spite Simon.

Tim Olstad might find support from older fans who enjoy his voice, but if he’s in the bottom, Simon Cowell and Demi Lovato are certainly itching to send him home for his lack of the show’s title.

Carlito Olivero just hasn’t been very good in his last three performances and he performed very early, which could hurt his chances since he wasn’t particularly memorable. Oddly enough, Simon’s assertion that he’s going home may inspire his fans to vote for him and keep him around. Or most viewers, like me, tend to agree with Simon and will therefore avoid him.

Finally there’s Lillie McCloud. She went first and did the one thing that’s sure to send you home: She abandoned her principles and her assets. Her promise that she is willing to be whatever the judges want her to be will hopefully alienate her fans, since they want her to be herself. There’s a difference between staying in your box and playing a role (see: Restless Road) and desperately throwing everything against the wall and hoping something sticks.

My Prediction

I predict Lillie McCloud will have the fewest votes and be eliminated. I also predict that Sweet Suspense and Carlito Olivero will be in bottom and have to perform their “Save Me” songs. In a vote of 3-1 (along gender lines), the judges will eliminate Sweet Suspense.

I’m also going to predict that Jeff Gutt will be number one on the leaderboard as his sensitive rocker/single dad role will appeal to middle America. Then I’ll go with Rion Paige in second, Alex and Sierra in third, Josh Levi in fourth, Restless Road in fifth, Ellona Santiago in sixth, Rachel Potter in seventh, Khaya Cohen in eighth and Tim Olstad in ninth.

I could be right on the money or way off, but the first leaderboard of the season will make it clear who will go far on The X Factor and who will be need a great “Save Me” song every week.

The X Factor results show airs Thursday at 8pm on FOX.

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