It’s time for an X Factor results show. No, really, this time there will actually be results. Last week’s graphics error caused Thursday’s episode to be a fast-paced performance show, but now it’s time to send two acts home.

Recap: The Top 12 Perform>>

Carlos Guevara was already eliminated after getting the lowest number of votes, and now we’ll cut down to the Top 10. I predict Lillie McCloud and Sweet Suspense will go home, but Carlito Olivero and Tim Olstad could also be in danger. Aside from results and the leaderboard, tonight’s episode of The X Factor includes performances by Selena Gomez and last season’s third-place group Fifth Harmony.

“Perfect Day” by the Top 12

We open with a group performance as a tribute to the late Lou Reed. That’s nice. It’s followed by a recap of last night, and it shows how much filler they have in these results shows compared to last week, when we already had about three performances.

Then we get another product placement commercial, this one for Herbal Essences. While getting shampooed, the girls sing a Fifth Harmony song before getting interrupted by the guys dancing stupidly. It’s the most awkward thing you can imagine.

The Results, Part 1

Sweet Suspense is ELIMINATED!

Huzzah, I’m one-for-one. They were nothing special and the female judges got their way over Simon Cowell’s obsession with his own creation. I figured they’d be eliminated in the sing-off, but getting the lowest number of votes isn’t all that surprising.

“Slow Down” by Selena Gomez

This isn’t my kind of music. I’m more fixated on her outfit, which looks to me like what a Project Runway designer would do if the task was to make a dress based on a famous movie villain (this one being Pinhead from Hellraiser).

The Results, Part 2

The first act in the Top 10 is…Carlito Olivero!
The second act in the Top 10…Josh Levi!
The third act in the Top 10 is…Rion Paige!
The fourth act in the Top 10 is…Jeff Gutt!
The fifth act in the Top 10 is…Restless Road!
The sixth act in the Top 10 is…Tim Olstad!

Wow, all of the Boys survived.

The seventh act in the Top 10 is…Ellona Santiago!
The eighth act in the Top 10 is…Lillie McCloud!

WTF? How are Carlito, Tim and Lillie all safe?

The ninth act in the Top 10 is…Alex and Sierra!

Rachel Potter and Khaya Cohen are in the bottom!

Well, I guess it was too little, too late for Khaya, who I thought delivered one of the best performances last night. However, I picked both of these girls to be “In the Middle,” so I guess being ordinary is worse than being bad.

This sing-off should be interesting. Obviously Demi Lovato and Kelly Rowland will vote for their own singers, so Simon Cowell and Paulina Rubio have all the power. I think they see more potential and growth in Khaya and a lack of consistency in Rachel, so I think Rachel is in the most danger.

“Me and My Girls” by Fifth Harmony

It’s interesting to see a manufactured girl group that succeeded performing on the same night that Sweet Suspense was eliminated. This performance is like an explanation for why Sweet Success failed, because these girls are better singers with more charisma and stage presence. I find their neon onesies to be a questionable costuming choice, but luckily they get rid of them after a minute. They really are the female equivalent of One Direction.

The Final Showdown

It’s time for Rachel and Khaya to sing their “Save Me” songs for salvation. It’s nice that every mentor got a little bad news this week, with Paulina and Simon both losing one act and now Kelly and Demi have a face-off. It’s a change-of-pace from The Voice, where you can bank on Blake Shelton and Adam Levine’s teams going far.

Khaya Cohen sings Solomon Burke’s “Don’t Give Up on Me,” which is a great not-so-subtle message to the judges. It’s slow, which is perfect to highlight her unbelievable tone and runs. She really is getting better and better, and I think this is the best she’s ever been. By the time she reaches the end, she’s in complete control and kills it.

Rachel Potter goes to her comfort zone with Shania Twain’s “From This Moment.” It’s good, but I still don’t completely believe her as a country singer and I don’t see a whole lot of potential in her. And vocally, Khaya just crushed her. Rachel isn’t bad, but her voice doesn’t have that extra special tone that Khaya’s has.

The judges, especially Kelly and Demi, are confused why these two incredible vocalists are in the bottom.

Kelly Rowland votes to send home…Khaya Cohen.
Paulina Rubio votes to send home…Rachel Potter.
Demi Lovato votes to end home…Rachel Potter.
Simon Cowell votes to send home…Rachel Potter.

Rachel Potter is ELIMINATED!

The judges went to the last second to give their answers, which is annoying and stupid. Kelly waffled for about two whole minutes despite the fact that it’s so, so, SOOOOOOO obvious she’s gonna keep her own act. There’s no need to drag it out. Simon got the final say, and he was right that Khaya has more potential.

I’m not too sad to see Rachel go home because she was never believable as a country artist (especially if you know about her Broadway background) and her performances were so inconsistent, bouncing from horrible to great to horrible again.

Also, this should help Restless Road and Rion Paige, as they no longer need to split the country vote with a third artist.

To be honest, I’m very disappointed we didn’t get the return of the leaderboard. I wanted to see where everyone stood. Mario Lopez promised the leaderboard last week, but then the votes got thrown out. Maybe they’re worried that, like last season, the top two will remain the same all season, ruining all of the suspense over who will win.

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