This is it.  Tonight’s the night when dating guru, Mystery, names the head of his dating crash course class as Master Pickup Artist and winner of $50,000.  The Pickup Artist season finale airs over VH1 at nine tonight.

We are down to just two students – the once-shy photographer turned blonde sweet-talker, Brady, and the daydreamer programmer formerly known as Alvaro, who now goes by the moniker, Kosmo.  Ahead of tonight’s finale, the two protagonists spent a lazy day indoors, playing pool and psyching each other out.  They also shared their individual thoughts on their respective routes to reaching the final.

“I went through the hardest elimination because it was just me and Joe D. [last contestant to be eliminated before the final two], and I knew that, by me wanting to stay, Joe D. had to go home,” Kosmo confessed to VH1 after Mystery sent Joe D. packing at the end of episode 7.  “Now, I’m just like, so grateful that I’m here.  Before I got here, I was nobody.  I didn’t have anything and now, I’m starting to feel like now I have a purpose.”

“I don’t know what’s going on anymore, but I know who I am more and more, everyday that I’m here,” Kosmo told Brady during their post-seventh episode mini-celebration.

“It’s kind of weird.  It’s like they took you out of your life and removed every aspect that you ever had from your life,” Brady remarked in response.

On the day of their ultimate task to further help Mystery decide who wins on The Pickup Artist, the two finalists fed off each other’s energies but looked at the momentous occasion in rather different ways.

“Today I woke up in the morning and I feel good,” Kosmo told VH1.  “I’m amped up – me and Brady, toe to toe, no more excuses.”

“It’s down to me and Kosmo,” Brady pointed out.  “This is it!”

“I feel like Kosmo has to feel that I’m a little competition because I’ve gotten to the point where I can pick up an exotic dancer,” Brady added.  “I’m approaching this last challenge with a whole lot of confidence.”

For his part, Kosmo clearly will not let any personal friendship between them get in the way of him securing the final prize.

“I love you Brady, but when it comes to money and when it comes to one year traveling the globe with the Mystery, I’m gonna get feisty and I’m gonna win,” Kosmo promised.

While Brady and Kosmo engaged in a leisurely but still competitive pool match, Mystery himself gave them a ring to inform them that he has one last task for them to undertake.  However, before they get down to business, he told the boys that they must first celebrate with a night on the town and that he’ll be swinging by for them promptly at 9pm.

Kosmo is thrilled at the prospect of some hard partying but Brady is anxious about a potentially hidden challenge during the celebration.  Is Brady right to feel a tad nervous, or is he becoming a party pooping whiner like Kosmo suggests?  And what will Mystery’s determining ultimate test involve?  Who will emerge victorious for the right to wear the Master Pickup crown?

Find out tonight, when The Pickup Artist comes to its thrilling conclusion at 9 on VH1.

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: VH1
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