A few months back we began a series of articles dedicated to helping jonzin’ Lost fans find a bit of the show’s flavor in lesser known works of Television, Film, and virtually any other entertainment medium. Along the way, we wrestled with decoding just what the ‘Lost‘ sensibilities were.  After a while, the notion arose to turn the question of what Lost’s recipe contained back to the very people who create it. 

The find folks at Lost were all too happy to oblige, so over the next few weeks we will bring you profiles of some of the amazingly talented writers that work behind the scenes to ensure Lost keeps moving to its tell-tale rhythm.  In their own words, several of Lost‘s finest word=smiths will let fans feel their creative pulse as they share what inspires them to write, what they are interested in right now, and what they would recommend Lost fans sample while they wait for a return to “The Island.”

Up first is newcomer Brian K. Vaughan.  Vaughan joined Lost during season 3 after establishing himself as one of the hottest, if not the hottest, writer in the comic book scene.  His accolades include the coveted Eisner award, and Entertainment Weekly ranked his co-creation ‘Ex Machina’ as one of the ten best works of fiction of 2005.

Vaughan’s presence was felt almost immediately after he joined Lost as Executive Story Editor with the episode “The Man from Tallahassee.”  Brian also penned the pivotal episode “Catch-22.” Now, on to picking Vaughn’s brain:

What television show, movie, or book inspired you to write?

Definitely Alan Moore’s graphic novel Watchmen.

When writing Lost, what influences do you draw from, if any?

I suppose I draw more on personal experiences with friends and family than I do from other works of fiction.  I hope that helps add to a show I’ve always admired for being grounded in real human emotion, even when it involves dudes being chased by a smoke monster.

What is your favorite movie?

This week?  Miller’s Crossing.

What is your favorite comic book?

Chris Ware’s Acme Novelty Library and Daniel Clowes’ Eightball are the two books I most look forward to.

What is your favorite TV series?

Of all time?  Twin Peaks.

If you could recommend one TV series, movie, or book to Lost fans looking for some hiatus relief, what would it be?

Mad Men!  It’s the very best thing on the air right now, and one of the best-written, best-acted shows I’ve ever seen.  It’s obviously a very different kind of show, but I’m confident fans of Lost will love it.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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