Look at what we have here.  The picture that accompanies this article is the first glimpse of Lost: Season 4.  You can clearly see Jack Shepard there, with a gun pointed at him by a fallen parachuter.  What are we to make of this?  There is clearly much speculation to be had and although such speculation will almost certainly prove itself to be false, we might as well have a go.  What kind of Lost fans would we be if we didn’t create false hypotheses?

The man on ground, with the gun and the parachute, is none other than actor Ken Leung, perhaps best known for his recent work on The Sopranos.  He’s an intense and gifted actor.  Recently, when asked about the casting of Leung, Damon Lindelof said that they crafted a part in Lost specifically for Ken Leung and that the part wouldn’t exist without him.  This might lead one to believe that his character is fairly minor and not all that important.  However, as we know Lost, characters that start out minor can sometimes gain a full head of steam and turn quite significant.  Also, while Cuse, Lindelof and the Lost writers (hopefully) have the mythology for Lost well-planned out, it seems like they’ve always left ample wiggle room to add new characters when it strikes their fancy.  This picture, in the end, give us no indication as to how big a role Leung will be playing.

Considering that he’s brandishing a gun at our hero Jack, we can safely assume he’s playing some kind of antagonistic role.  It might not be the case, but since we’ve got nothing else to go on, let’s stay with that assumption.  The Lost crew isn’t very deep into filming the fourth season, so I would bet that Leung is arriving from the ominous freighter we heard about at the end of season three.  There’s been one helicopter already, and since a man can’t leap from a freighter and coast via parachute to a far away island, I’m betting he dropped in from a helicopter.

Why is Jack alone?  Is he trying to to get to Leung before Leung can get to the rest of the “good guys”?  Is Jack attempting some sort of parley to see what Leung’s intentions are?  Has he been sent by the group to deal with Leung alone?  Or, did Jack somehow get ambushed?

This picture raises a lot of questions and we don’t have any answers.  Lost fans, speculate away!

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of The Sun Online)

Oscar Dahl

Senior Writer, BuddyTV