VH1’s guide to dating for losers, The Pickup Artist, may not be raking in stellar numbers according to the Nielsen Ratings, but the show certainly seems to be having a ripple effect beyond the boob tube.

In Baton Rouge, Louisiana, women are finding it difficult to comprehend the proliferation of PUAs or pick up artists in their locale.  Apparently, The Pickup Artist reality show has inspired a band of real-life PUAs to help each other out.

“You’d never think that people who do this sort of thing would really exist outside of TV,” Amber Stone, a customer at Baton Rouge’s Roux House Bar and Restaurant remarked.  “I hadn’t ever heard of that sort of thing until I got bored one night flipping through the channels.  Then I thought about a lot of the times guys came up to me and used a line.”

A self-professed pickup artist who goes by the moniker “Boston,” explained some of the key steps in their craft.

“There’s a set of rules that you have to follow to get it right,” Boston revealed.  “First, there’s the 3s, which means ‘three seconds rule.’  That means that from the time you make eye contact with a target, you have three seconds to get you’re a** over there and say something.”

“It’s not like there is a set of lines that we keep handy,” he added.  “We generally approach the set [a target or a group of women with the target] with an open-ended comment or question that requires a response.”

“Some people think that what we do is fool women into coming home with us so that we can get laid, but all of the work isn’t done just to have sex,” the self-proclaimed PUA pointed out.  “Sometimes, we actually do it just to feel better about ourselves, or even to look more attractive to other women who see us interacting with these chicks who they thought were out of our league.”

As with VH1’s The Pickup Artist, where former geek-turned-dating guru Erik von Markovik aka Mystery, works with eight lovelorn outcasts to transform them into bona fide Casanovas, “Boston” stressed that their PUA brotherhood primarily seeks to equip and empower men so they can hopefully find their perfect match.

The Pickup Artist airs Monday nights on VH1.

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: TigerWeekly
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