On this episode of Colony, “Broussard,” Will searches for Broussard. Maddie finds herself in a precarious position at her new job. Katie doesn’t know who to trust.

If recent events have taught us anything, it’s that Katie is doing a much crappier job as a member of the Resistance than Will is tracking down insurgents.

Katie Tries to Make Contact

Katie arrives home to any empty house, no kids, no Lindsey. She hears something, and given she has every reason to be jumpy, grabs a gun from the nightstand. I was under the impression Homeland was supposed to be babysitting her, but apparently not, because a man in a hooded sweatshirt starts toward her down the hallway. Katie shoots and realizes it’s Broussard. That doesn’t discourage her from shooting off another round.

Katie awakens with a start. The whole thing was a dream, but Katie’s subconscious is keeping her vigilant. She knows she’s not going to get be getting any gold stars from the Resistance after the Snyder debacle, and she won’t have a moment’s peace until the situation is resolved.

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Katie arrives at the Yonk to find it crawling with Homeland agents, obviously looking for any clues to help them locate the people responsible for ambushing Snyder, particularly Broussard. Next she heads to the garage Quayle and the other members of the Resistance were using as their headquarters but the shop is closed up. Her last stop is Broussard’s house, but he’s nowhere to be found. She calls him and leaves a message.

Will Searches for a Killer

Will’s team has identified Broussard, only they know him as Dwight Ford. He enlisted with Homeland Security nine months ago, and Will concludes he’s been working on the inside gathering intel ever since. Snyder wants to know what they are doing to find him, and Jennifer says it would be helpful if they could use the Rolodex, but they need a password. Snyder tells Will he’ll probably be able to get Will authorized, but Will says Jennifer should be the one with access, she’s the expert.

Homeland does get an address and descends on Broussard’s home, but when the bust open the door, a bomb goes off. Good thing Katie just peeked in the windows.

Will returns to Homeland headquarters and Jennifer has gotten what she needs from Snyder to use the Rolodex. They type in Dwight Ford’s social security number, and the screen goes berserk. Jennifer has her work cut out for her. Will’s content to let Jennifer peruse the abundance of information, so he and Beau can hit the streets.

They question two Red Hats who worked with Broussard/Dwight known to his fellow officers simply as “D.” There isn’t much to tell, Broussard was good, clean and professional, if not exactly chatty and personable.

One thing did stand out about D, he never showered in the barracks. One of the guys noticed Broussard had a tatoo on his chest, a skull with wings, and when he asked Broussard about it, he didn’t answer, just looked at it. Broussard may have not wanted to share the meaning behind his ink, but Will knows the tattoo is associated with Marine Special Ops.

Will goes back to his office, and Jennifer has made progress. Everything you could want to know about Dwight Ford is stored in the Rolodex. Everything from credit reports to receipts. The Rolodex can access every single bit of digital data they had on Earth up until the Arrival.

Jennifer asks what Will wants to see first, but when he says military background, Jennifer informs him he was in international sales. He liked to shoot as a hobby and studied martial arts, but he wasn’t military. Will believes the records are bullshit. No weekend warrior works as an assassin or construct bombs. He instructs Jennifer to keep digging. She needs to look for someone with a face like Ford’s but a military background.

Quayle Waxes Philosophical

Broussard has been busy. He breaks into a morgue, killing a Red Hat in the process, and finds a body the matches his own physical description. He and Quayle take the body and a van to a remote location and make it look as if the driver was shot and the van set on fire.

Broussard tells Quayle that Katie left him a message. No matter what Quayle thinks, Broussard still believes Katie to be an asset. Quayle tells Broussard about the war between Julius Caesar and the Gauls. The odds were stacked against the Gauls but their King fought a brilliant campaign, scorched his own villages to cut off the Romans from much-needed supplies.

But the King made one crucial error, when it came time to destroy his own city, he faltered. Caesar took the capital for his own and slaughtered all of the residents. The point of this story is that graveyards are littered with the bones of merciful men. War is about making hard choices.

Quayle reminds Broussard that since Katie joined their ranks, they lost their armory, their chance at Snyder and most of their cell. Broussard points out Katie did give them Phyllis, but Quayle responds that her husband was promoted to fill the vacuum. He believes they could be playing right into Katie’s hands.

Too Neat and Tidy

Will and Beau find the van. The van was reported missing weeks ago, and witnesses to the Snyder ambush remember seeing one like it leaving the scene. Beau thinks the cell is cleaning house, but Will isn’t convinced. A guy like Broussard doesn’t go out like a punk.

Maddie Plays with Fire

Maddie still has her cushy job in the Green Zone working for art dealer Charlotte Burgess. She’s also mixing business with pleasure by screwing Charlotte’s husband, Nolan, while his wife watches. Nolan would like to have Maddie all to himself, but Charlotte has to be present as them’s the rules.

A Question of Loyalty

Katie goes to a drop off spot and finds a note. She takes it to the Yonk, finally empty, and uses the Joseph Conrad book stowed away with her keepsakes to decipher the code. The message leads her to a park where Broussard picks her up.

He takes her to a secluded spot, a place Broussard’s father took him as a child. Quayle says he’s going to ask Katie some questions, and he wants her to answer honestly. Katie replies she’s never been anything but honest with him, but Broussard says that’s not what he’s heard.

Katie figures out Quayle is having doubts about her and urges Broussard to consider the source. Quayle lied to all of them about his connection to Geronimo, the supposed leader of the Resistance who turned about to be an ad executive good at making posters. That is unless Broussard already knew Quayle was lying.

Broussard insists this has nothing to do with Quayle, it’s about him. He wants to know if Katie has ever given Will any information about the cell. Katie’s put out that Broussard would doubt her after everything she’s done, but he points out she did kill a member of the cell. Katie’s justification is that she always told them her family comes first.

Katie tells Broussard she put everything on the line for him. She believed in him; she thought he was the one person she knew who might be able to make a difference, and now he’s questioning her loyalty. She turns and starts to walk back. Broussard offers her a ride, stating it’s not safe, but Katie is willing to take her chances.

More Breadcrumbs

Jennifer figures out how to search photos. Broussard has 14 different identities from multiple countries. Will tells Jennifer this means Broussard wasn’t just military, he was some kind of serious Jason Bourne-esque operative. He suggests she dig into the covers and try to link them to news stories or anything tangible.

Will heads into the Green Zone to give the Proxy a progress report. Will promises he will catch him, and in return, Snyder gives Will something in a large manila envelope. Obviously, something to do with Charlie.

That night, Will shows the content of the envelope to Katie, and it’s a recent picture of their son. Katie’s happiness gives way to anger when she realizes Snyder’s guys were close enough to snap a photo but still didn’t bring him home. Will’s just happy to know Charlie’s alive, but Katie is sick of Snyder using their son to manipulate Will, so he’ll keep doing their dirty work. He swears to her he’ll get out from under Snyder’s thumb, when he’s ready and on his terms.

Maddie has a Powerful Ally

Maddie’s boss is in a snit. Charlotte believes Maddie is not adhering to their “arrangement” and makes it clear that everything she’s given Maddie, including the insulin for her son, she can just as easily take away.

Maddie confronts Nolan, thinking he sold her out when she refused to sleep with him. He swears he did no such thing–it was the shifty-looking maid if you ask me. Nolan is a bigwig in the Political sect, and he’s looking at trading Charlotte in, and Maddie appears to be his number one candidate.

Katie has Second Thoughts

Will rushes home with big news for Katie. The guy who pulled a gun on her (Broussard) had been in the Yonk before. Homeland pulled a set of fresh prints that matched up to some old ones on the bar. There’s a good chance Katie has seen the guy before, so Will shows her Broussard’s photo. He tells her the guy killed Phyllis and the cell responsible for the Gateway bombings. He even throws in some crime scene photos for good measure. Katie says she remembers him, and that they spoke a few times. She thinks he lives at his mother’s place in Hancock Park where he is fixing up the place.

Katie’s tip pans out. They learn Broussard’s real identity and background. I guess seeing just how dangerous Broussard is was as good a reason to turn on him as any. The problem is, if they catch Broussard, is Katie counting on the fact they’ll kill him before he can implicate her?

Katie calls another member of the cell, Rachel, and asks her to come to the Yonk. Katie asks Rachel if she knew Broussard was responsible for killing the cell behind the Gateway bombing. Rachel admits that she knew. Katie says she thought they were going to help them hide, and Rachel tells her Quayle decided they were too much of a risk.

Katie wants to know if Quayle has determined she’s too much of a risk, telling Rachel about her trip with Broussard. Rachel doesn’t know what Quayle’s plans are for Katie, but the man is a pragmatist, and she advises Katie to trust her instincts.

Katie is feeling betrayed, but Rachel explains the cause needs all sorts of people. Some, like Broussard, have to pull the trigger. Katie doesn’t understand her purpose, other than to spy on her husband. Rachel points out that Katie is vital, because she keeps Broussard from going over the edge. Katie is a reminder of what they’re fighting for. Rachel also assures Katie of how much Broussard trusts her which is nothing short of a miracle.

Katie calls Broussard and warns him that Will is coming for him. I can’t believe the guy was dumb enough to return to his mother’s house at all.

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An Unexpected Consequence

Homeland arrives, and there’s no bomb this time. There’s also no Broussard. Will does come across Quayle, who he mistakes as Broussard’s neighbor.

A quick search of the house confirms they’ve got the right guy, but it also reveals something else. Will sees the book Nostromo by Joseph Conrad. The book is about rebellion and exploitation. Aside from some of the parallels in the novel and what’s going on in Colony’s dystopic setting, it also happens to be the book Will found in Katie’s keepsake box. How he didn’t connect it sooner, since Justin Kim also had a Conrad novel among his belongings is a bit of a plot hole. Nonetheless, the wheels have been set in motion for Will to discover his wife’s extracurricular activities.

Colony airs Thursdays at 10pm on USA.

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