Ever since Castiel said yes to Lucifer on Supernatural, Crowley has been the devil’s pet, but that changes in season 11 episode 15, “Beyond the Mat.” Crowley gets out of his chains and out of hell, but he ends up facing off against Casifer over a Hand of God. While it could’ve ended better for him, Crowley does at least get away in the end.

Here’s what leads to Crowley escaping from Casifer in “Beyond the Mat.”

Supernatural Recap: Wrestling with Demons

Casifer Treats Crowley Like His Slave, Having Him Clean the Floor with a Toothbrush and Then His Tongue

While demons stand by and watch, Crowley lets Casifer order him around, responding “Nothing, master” and asking if he can return to his task when addressed. And when Casifer takes the toothbrush and orders him to use his tongue, he does.

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Simmons Frees Crowley

“Can’t leave,” he says. He still has friends, she tells him, friends who want him back and Lucifer gone. He’s not a slave, a dog. He’s Crowley, and the devil should be afraid of him.

Crowley Easily Dispatches Two Demons in His Way During His Escape

When he first sees them, he plays the “she made me” card before shoving Simmons at them and then killing them both. “I’m Crowley,” he tells her. Enough said.

Crowley Goes to His Personal Lockup to Get the Ace Up His Sleeve: a Hand of God

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That’s When Casifer Shows up, Having “Invented the Double Cross, Like Literally”

Simmons is on his side. She hates Crowley, just like every demon in hell. “Maybe once you were the evilest evil that ever eviled, present company excluded,” Casifer acknowledges, “but now, you’re nothing but Dean Winchester’s number one fan.”

Casifer Saw a Last Spark of Defiance in Crowley’s Eyes and Used it

Instead of beating it out of him, he let him lead him there, to the Hand of God.

But Crowley “Perfected the Double Cross, Like Literally” and Has the Rod of Aaron

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Crowley Tries to Use the Rod on Casifer, but Simmons Gets in Its Path

The blast eliminates her, but since it’s a one-time deal like the last one, he can’t take out Casifer next.

After Casifer Throws Him Back for Making Him Bleed, Crowley Takes the Opportunity to Get out of There

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