The 100’s “Bitter Harvest” is crazy. Emerson shows up in Clarke’s life again, and it’s up to her to decide how he’s punished for his crimes. Pike, meanwhile, continues with his Donald Trumpish plans, but Octavia and Kane try to undermine him. To top it all off, we learn even more of these City of Light chips. And they’re not good. But that’s not too surprising, is it?

Emerson’s Back

The 100’s “Bitter Harvest” begins with Clarke and Lexa sharing a more intimate moment. Lexa’s sleeping and Clarke’s drawing her, but Lexa has a nightmare. She saw the commanders’ deaths in her dream. Her dream is a warning: The commanders think Lexa’s betraying their legacy by not going to war with the Sky Crew. Clarke tries to tell Lexa that her legacy will be peace, but she doesn’t look convinced. Then, Lexa finds Clarke’s picture and things get real awkward.

Lexa’s men bring in a box. It’s a gift from King Roan. So what’s inside? Emerson. And he just loses it on Clarke.

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Lexa calls Clarke into a meeting. Titus wants to kill the last Mountain Man Emerson and Clarke agrees. Titus says this is their way, but Lexa says that was their way. Clarke had convinced Lexa not to go to war on The 100, so Lexa calls her a hypocrite. So she gives Clarke a decision: Emerson gets banishment or death by 41 cuts from her hand.

Finally, Clarke comes face-to-face with Emerson. He tells her yhat she’s a murderer after what happened at Mount Weather. His two kids died in the attack. “If you want mercy, you’re going to have to ask me for it,” she says. He doesn’t want mercy. He wants revenge. And he says she’ll never escape what she did even if she kills him. “My pain ends today. Your’s has just begun,” he yells.

Clarke leaves to find Titus in her room. He thinks that they should make peace. He, like Lexa, calls Clarke a hypocrite. She says wiping out her people for the few who killed the Grounder army is different than killing Emerson, who’s actually guilty. But she wiped out the Mountain Men. He asks for help getting through to Lexa and convincing her not to go with the “blood must not have blood” path, but she refuses. “Then we’re at an impasse,” he says.

Finally, it’s time for Clarke to kill Emerson. “Wanheda, vengeance is yours,” Lexa says. But Clarke can’t do it. Titus is pissed and Emerson’s just confused. “I wouldn’t be killing you for what you’ve done. I would be killing you for what I’ve done,” she says. Clarke says, “Blood must not have blood,” and Lexa’s pleased. Clarke’s showing them a new future full of peace. So Lexa banishes Emerson with the knowledge that he’s the last of his kind. “May you live forever,” Clarke says.

Can Kane and Octavia Defeat Pike?

Octavia and Kane have been spying on and rebelling against Pike and his followers. Octavia watches some of Pike’s men hunt down a Grounder kid who saw them, but luckily, Octavia gets to him first. Some acid falls on Octavia’s face and burns her, but she manages to stay quiet until they leave and the kid runs away. The one thing they’ve learned? Pike’s planning something huge. And they’re willing to kill to keep it quiet.

Back at Arkadia, Kane tries to sneak into Pike’s office to see what he’s up to, but Pike and Bellamy show up, so Kane distracts them while a guard goes in. The guard had planted a bug so Kane can listen in on their meeting. He wants to take land and start planting. Monty points out that the land they want has a village of peaceful people in it, but Pike, of course, wants to go ahead. They need the land so their people don’t starve.

The guard that had worked with Kane goes to meet with Octavia. She wants to convince the village to move, but if they don’t, then their people will go into an ambush. He wants her to talk to Bellamy, but he’s unreachable at this point.

Kane goes to Bellamy and Monty’s mom and tries to reach them one more time, but they all head out to go attack the Grounder village. At the same time, Octavia goes to the village to warn the Grounders about Pike’s attack. One of the Grounders recognizes her from the battle at Mount Weather, but she announces that the soldiers are coming and tells them to leave. The guy who recognized her takes that as a threat and attacks her, but the kid who she saved speaks up for her.

Kane goes to talk to Abby and throws a fit. He feels guilty because he’s the one who demanded an election and now they have Chancellor Pike and kids are in harm’s way. Abby points out that they’re not kids anymore and kisses Kane’s cheek. That’s right. They’re actually happening.

The Grounder leader says they’ve decided to leave, but it’s a trap. They knock Octavia out.

So Bellamy and the others drive in while the Grounders hide. Octavia escapes and yells to warn Bellamy right when the Grounders start attacking and shooting flaming arrows at them. The arrows hit a trap with the acid in it and Monroe dies. They realize they have traitors in their camp and that someone told Octavia, who told the Grounders. Octavia’s been watching the whole time, but the Grounders find her.

Pike later calls Bellamy into his office and says they need to talk about Octavia. People died because of her and their land is ruined. And they need to find out who was feeding her information. Bellamy says they both know who it is, but they need proof.

Do Jaha’s Chips Really Work?

Raven’s completely happy and pain free now that she’s reached the City of Light. Abby’s unconvinced, but Raven gets to go back to work!

Jaha, meanwhile, has been recruiting more and more people to his new religion. Jasper’s tempted, but Abby’s concerned about what Jaha’s actually doing. Jasper agrees to wait until Abby figures out what’s really going on.

Raven thanks Jaha and A.L.I.E. and promises to help get more people into the City of Light. Well, that’s good, because they have an idea. A.L.I.E. came to Arkadia because she’s been looking for a version of her code in old technology. Raven tries to question it, but she promises to help. Oh. And Raven doesn’t know who A.L.I.E. really is. Jaha kept that from her and the fact that they’re trying to find a program to end the world. No big deal.

Abby tests Raven’s blood and it proves that Jaha’s chips are working. She’s cured! This should be a good thing, but Abby’s just baffled.

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So Raven hacks into the system when Jasper shows up. He wants to apologize for spilling Finn’s ashes, but she’s totally chill about it now that she’s found the City of Light. “What are you on and how do I get some?” he asks.

So Raven brings Jasper to Jaha and A.L.I.E. and they say the chip can help with Jasper’s pain even though it’s not physical pain. Jasper’s about to take the chip when Abby shows up. Abby wants to know the technicalities of what the chip is, so Jaha tells her the chips inhibit pain receptors. She wants to run some tests to see if there are side effects. “Would you have given it to Wells without testing it first?” she asks. He has no idea who Wells is until A.L.I.E reminds him. This is not good. Abby takes the chips from him and says she’s not letting him give them to anyone else. “I’m only trying to help eliminate pain. Same as you,” he says. But it’s eliminating more than pain. A.L.I.E.’s not concerned, though, because she’s already recruited Abby’s friend.

Jaha, Raven, and A.L.I.E. realize that the second A.I. was on the 13th rocket called Polaris.

Murphy’s Struggles

So, we finally check in with Murphy on The 100. Titus has been torturing him asking him about Clarke and about Jaha’s chips. And they have Polaris with them.

The 100 airs on Thursday nights at 9pm on the CW.

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