Only one band was kicked off The Next Great American Band tonight.  I was under the impression that American Band would be kicking off two bands per week until the very end, but either I was wrong or FOX switched it up.  Considering the terrible ratings The Next Great American Band has received, you’d think FOX would want to burn through the series as quickly as possible.  I guess not.  Tonight, the seven performing bands played songs by legendary song writing duo Lieber and Stoller.

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Anonymous said: enough of the limies already! go back to limeyland. where did you get your credentials to judge anyone?

stingr22 said: I know plenty about bluegrass. Hayseed Dixie does good covers. Cliff Wagner acts like he is repulsed when…

Anonymous said: Light of Doom still rocks the house. It was like having an encore performance. Ended last show started th…

Franklin Bridge was eliminated tonight, which is ridiculous on so many levels.  They were one of the two or three best bands on the show, and had potential to be something special.  Either America’s racist or really stupid.  Probably both.  On to the performances. 

Light of Doom – “Jailhouse Rock”

I think we all know that Light of Doom is capable of playing a really good heavy metal cover of whichever song their given.  Tonight was no different.  I didn’t particularly enjoy it, but it was a solid heavy metal version of the famous Elvis song.  I’m wondering if they’ll ever try a different genre, or turning a song into a ballad instead of just something hard.  The judges all love it. 

The Clark Brothers – “Saved”

They could have really used someone playing the drums tonight.  This was probably the brothers worst performance of the competition.  The verses sounded tinny and empty.  Very thin sound.  The lead singer started rockin’ it at the end after a shaky start.  Still, I expected more.  The judges all love it.

Dot Dot Dot – “Love Potion Number #9”

Well, that’s two weeks in a row.  Tonight was Dot Dot Dot’s best performance, one of the few best performances by any band this season.  The lead singer is a million times better when he’s not running around on stage.  The judges all love it.  I thought these guys were dead in the water a couple weeks ago, now they may be one of the favorites.

Cliff Wagner and the Old #7 – “Poison Ivy”

I have no interest in hearing a bluegrass version of an early sixties pop song.  That’s all this was.  I can’t believe these guys are still around, to be honest.  Dicko agrees with me and doesn’t see the commercial appeal of a performance like that.

Denver and the Mile High Orchestra – “Ruby”

Denver decided to drop some dirty funk on us tonight.  I liked that they branched out, but the performance wasn’t very good.  That was a very white guy funk performance.  John agrees with me, and so does Dicko, but Sheila defends Denver. 

Sixwire – “I Keep Forgettin’”

I don’t know the original and, if I hadn’t known it was a cover, I would have assumed it was Sixwire’s own song.  They are a legit modern country band, one that could become hit makers in the country music world right now.  They sing great harmonies as a band and sound and look commercial.  The judges aren’t all that high on the performance. 

Tres Bien – “Some Other Guy”

Lieber and Stoller is right in Tre Bien’s wheelhouse.  They sound just like a sixties garage band, and that’s a good thing.  My favorite performance of the night, barely edging out Dot Dot Dot.  They aren’t technically the best band, but I love the kind of music they play.  The judges love it. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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