Phenomenon just makes up rules as it goes along.  Last week, three people were eliminated to go from eight to five.  This week, they told us two more would be eliminated, leaving three performers competing tonight in the finals.  But, the “big twist” tonight was that the bottom two would also compete.  Uri Gellar and Criss Angel, however, would decide which of the bottom two would be eligible in the finals. 

It was revealed that the top three were Angela, Mike and Eran.

Angela Fonovits – Birth Stones

Angela brings up a woman named Dana up to the stage who apparently works on Extra.  She has the 12 birth stones all lined up, hanging from a string.  Angela talks about how there is a connection between people and their birth stone.  She has Dana place her hand on Angela’s back and asks her to concentrate on her birth stone.  She asks is amber is Dana’s birth stone – it is not.  Then, she has Dana write down the name of someone close to her, whose birthday month they know.  She has her only writer down the month.  Angela places her hand on Dana’s back while Dana runs her hand under the stones.  Angela correctly guesses that the birth month is April.  She then takes a picture of Dana with a Polaroid picture and tels her to think about the person.  When the picture comes out, it has the name of the person (“Brent”) on it.  The judges are pretty harsh, not big fans of the demonstration.

Mike Super – Mind Blinding

Mike talks about blinding your mind, how you are momentarily blinded to objects that are actually right in front of you face.  He brings up the three celebrity guests (the aforementioned Dana, Kim Kardashian, and Tia Carrere) and has them stand inside a cabana with white sheets acting as the three enclosed walls.  Each celebrity takes a wall.  Inside the cabana is also a roped off rectangle.  Mike gives each lady a can of spray paint and has Kim write down a color (he writes “red”), Dana write a mode of transportation (“motorcycle”) and Tia draw anything (she draws a skull).  He has them step out and when he unfurls the front cloth, the spray painted images are written on the wall.  Then, he re-opens the cabana and there is a red motorcycle with a skull on it inside the roped off rectangle. 

Eran Raven – Walk of Faith

Aaron is going to walk an obstacle course while blind-folded.  He has three different boxes of obstacles (broken glass, razor blades and scorpions) that, after blindfolded, he has the ladies place them in random places on the course.   At the end of the course are two mattresses he can jump on.  He has the ladies choose which mattress to place a bed of nails on.  Predictably, Eran makes it through the course unscathed.  Uri loves it, Criss wants more diversity.

Uri and Criss will now watch performances by Guy and Gerry and choose which one will be eligible for the final vote.

Guy Bavli – Spoon Telekinesis

Guy has Dana pick a spoon from a group of spoons.  He puts it in his hand and makes it bend by massaging it. Next, he holds a spoon out and bends it just by looking at it.  Finally, he decides to bend a real-life stop sign.  With urging from the audience, he starts to bend it.  

Gerry McCambridge – Postcards

Gerry has Tia and Dana come up to the stage.  He has Dana and Tia look at each other and think of a landmark.  Then he has Dana head over to an easel and draw the landmark.  Then he takes Tia over to a table with a bunch of postcards on it.  He shows the only one with writing on it – it’s the one with the Eiffel Tower on the front.  Dana shows the picture she drew.  It’s of the Eiffel Tower. 

Criss and Uri choose Guy.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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Oscar Dahl

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